I'd been itching to go back to the Italian Grand Prix in Mugello ever since last year's, so I made sure that it was on the 'Must Do' list this year as well. Having experienced the festivities with me last year, Alex, my biking buddy from the UK, made sure it was on his list as well, not shutting up about it for a year meant that Seth, another friend joined us for the fun too.


After last year you'd think enduring riding thousands of miles on an R6, getting robbed while camping in Mugello and riding for hours in the pouring rain and cold would have put us off from going through the pain again but oh no, we were definitely going to Mugello again this year.

You see the MotoGP event is a non-stop party day and night that sucks you in and spits you out three days later absolutely exhausted, sun-burnt and desperate for sleep.

But to get to the wonderful hillsides around Mugello you have to ride some of the most fantastic motorcycling roads in Europe, maybe even the world so we made sure that we rode as many as possible.

As I'd been ripping around Europe on the fantastic Yamaha Super Tenere for weeks, all three of us finally met up in Switzerland and straight away rode the Stelvio Pass over into Italy, Top Gear rated this as its choice for the "greatest driving road in the world", I'd say not the 'Greatest' but bloody good fun! Lots of hairpins, very tight, probable death if you get it wrong, so it tends to keep you on your toes.

After visiting Alpinestars HQ in gorgeous Asolo, tasting amazing Italian food and visiting the beauty of Venice and Bologna we then rode the famous 'Futa Pass' the road between Ducati (Bologna) and their test track - Mugello, and this road is like a never ending track of its own.

So the story goes, Ducati use this as the road to test their bikes, it's the real road test track and from the moment you start the corners of the SP65 you'll instantly know why it's famous, why bikers from all of the world come to ride it and why Ducati use it to fine tune their bikes, it's a motorcycling road from god that leaves you smiling for days.

That's why it was on my 'Must Do' list, here's my video of Mugello MotoGP, wow, those Italian's sure know how to party!

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