Like the Moto Guzzi 12 Le Mans concept, these are the first studio shots

every published on the supermoto-like Moto Guzzi V12 X. A lot of the

details differ from the Le Mans, here's a rundown. >

Oil coolers: there's actually two oil coolers and a rectifier hidden behind the screen. The cutout in that screen feeds cooling air to them.

Suspension: all current production spec stuff. Hmm...interesting.

Brake lines: routed through the triple clamp for an incredibly clean look.

Rear wing: similar to the Le Mans, but lower and more stylistically appropriate for a giant supermoto.

: hide the intakes to the airbox integrated at the rear of the frame.

Centerstand: look closely and you can see the front-hinged centerstand wrapping around the sump.

Frame: made from rotational moulding nylon polymer, like the Le Mans.

Tank/Seat Unit: this hinges at the front and opens via remote control, like the Le Mans

Footpegs: no mechanical connection is made between the foot levers and the shifter or the rear brake, like the Le Mans.

Heat Sinks: the finned metal sections on the sides of the engine aren't oil coolers, their heat sinks just like you'll find on your computer and on the Le Mans.

Rearview Cameras: Pierre says these are 100 percent production feasible with a reasonable cost, like the Le Mans.

Filler Cap/Start Button: a dirt-style plastic screw top.

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