Icon’s new Stryker Field Armor is the first mass-market, commercially available motorcycle armor we’re aware of that incorporates d3o — a new impact-absorbing polymer which stiffens on impact, deflecting impact energy to the sides. d3o is exciting not only because it provides full CE-level protection, but because it does so in an incredibly slim, flexible package. Impressively, Icon didn’t stop there with this new series of back protectors, elbow and knee armor, also including supplementary foam padding to further absorb impact forces and even Kevlar for abrasion resistance.

I know, I know, “But only squids wear Icon!!!1!!” you’re yelling with your keyboard. That’s not the case. While yes, Icon’s mission is to put riders who otherwise wouldn’t wear it into real protective gear, the quality of the products coming from this young company are improving at a drastic rate. Stryker is a good example. Alpinestars doesn’t have d3o. Neither does Dainese. In fact, the only other company we can think of that’s using the material is The Dethkillers, which is a tiny fashion label that sells in Barney’s. That not enough? Helmets like the Icon Variant and Airframe Construct are among the nicest and best designed on the market from any brand at any price point.

Back to Stryker. There’s three products: The Stryker Vest is a back/chest protector, plus there’s knee and elbow armor that you’d wear under jeans or a jacket or whatever. All is CE-approved and all is brand new. Details are in the videos below and there’s a full gallery of high-res images. We’ve got a full set of armor on the way for review, I plan to do that myself.





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