Many people are forced to give up the things they love because of disabilities. But if one Newburg, Oregon restoration specialist has his way, soon disabled riders will be able to wheel their personal mobility device right up onto a motorcycle sidehack, and ride away.

USMC veteran Don Jackson, owner of Yesterday’s Rides Metalworks, had previously launched an unsuccessful crowdfunding campaign to allow him to retrofit a sidecar rig to accommodate an avid rider who doesn’t want to give up on his dream.

For years, Jackson has been building handicap accessories for a Salem, Oregon company called Raceway Services. One of its customers lost a leg due to a motorcycle accident. The man, also a veteran, wants to continue to ride, but needs a personal mobility power chair to get around.

Jackson’s solution? Retrofit a Ural sidecar rig that will allow his fellow vet to maneuver his chair into position via electronic ramp, then climb over to the saddle and ride away, using accessories Jackson has already developed in conjunction with Raceway Services for riders with disabilities. When the rider reaches his or her destination, the mobility device is then ready to unlock and use.

As a former marine and as a veteran, Jackson hopes the future building of this prototype will not only fulfill one man’s passion for the open road but for the passions of many riders, particularly wounded veterans. Jackson hopes to raise enough funds to both complete this project bike and make this dream a reality for others with a patent.

Though his first attempt at funding on was not a success, keep an eye on his Facebook page for his next attempt and to see how you can help.

What advice do you have for Mr. Jackson to help get his project funded?

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