This Thanksgiving, what makes you most thankful for motorcycles?

Today is Thanksgiving here in The United States, so we asked our readers what makes them most thankful for motorcycles. Here’s what they had to say.

Sean Desmond: "I’m thankful for the places I’ve gone and the people I’ve met. All thanks to motorcycles."

Susanna Schick: "My awesome bikes. A cozy garage to keep them in. My sweet new Rev’It Cordura jeans that fit perfectly. Going to Day In The Dirt this weekend instead of schlepping through the holiday crowds."

Loren Lee: "I hadn’t ridden in 30 years when I hooked up with an old buddy who coaxed me into riding his Hayabusa. That was all she wrote; I have been passionately riding for the last three years. I’m thankful that an old friend reintroduced me to something I love and reminded me what a good friend he is."

Jason Griese: "Trips I would have never taken. Wrong turns that turned into the right roads. The close calls that remain just that. That perfect sweeping curve at exactly the right speed."

Scott Lathan: "I’m most thankful that CBR600RR riders, supermoto hooligans and Harley guys still give me a wave, even though I’m only on a little Ninja 250."

Wendi Round: "I just got a little TU250X and am going for my license at 42. I’ve always loved bikes, now I can ride my own anytime once I get my license. I can’t wait and am so thankful to have the opportunity to finally do this."

Bahamut: "I am thankful for motorcycles because riding is an escape from my job."

Vickram Krishna: "Motorcycling has taught me a lot this past year. Most of all, humility and patience. I’m thankful for that."

Sandy: "I am not thankful for Thanksgiving because it marks the end of the riding season where I live!"

Rob S: "It kept me sane when I was somewhere I didn’t want to be."

Brian Milburn: "I’m simply thankful that motorcycles exist."

How about you? What makes you thankful for motorcycles?

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