Planning a long trip off-road, need to carry plenty of equipment, supplies and maybe even some extra gas or water? Normally, you’d be dropping serious dime and adding tons of weight with a set of hard panniers, then figuring out the rest with bungee cords. Thanks to British motorcycle luggage specialist Kriega, that no longer needs to be the case. Its new Overlander modular luggage series reduces the cost and drops the weight while adding flexibility and the ability to bolt-on fuel and water.

You’re probably familiar with Kriega through their backpacks, which take the load off your shoulders and back, pulling it through the chest instead and allowing you freedom of movement and comfort over long distances, even while carrying heavy loads. They also make killer soft tailbags that are absolutely water proof and extremely high quality, plus various bits and bobs designed to solve all the little problems riding a motorcycle seriously generates.

With the Overlander series, Kriega wants to allow you to carry more with less. The massive Overlander 60 series mounts four soft panniers with a quick-release system, keeping weight and width to a minimum, while still keeping whatever you’re carrying dry and dust-free. Need to bring some extra fuel or water? Replace one or more of the bags with a Rotapax jerry can. You can add up to eight gallons of fuel or water, carrying that weight down low with a system that’ll fit even smaller dirt bikes.

Don’t need to carry so much, but want to do so on a serious enduro instead of a big, heavy dual-sport or ADV bike? These rack loops will screw into your tail plastic, providing purchase points for Kriega’s existing system of soft luggage.

The ultimate off-road luggage?

Perhaps most clever though is that Kriega doesn’t want you to have to totally rethink the way you carry things on your bike or have to go out and purchase every piece of this kit to get started. The bags and whatnot are compatible with existing luggage racks from Touratech, Metal Mule or even KTM’s own Power Parts. If you already have a Touratech rack on your bike, for instance, you can go ahead and strap on the Overland packs or Rotopax cans. Or you can swap on your hard aluminum boxes if you’re traveling somewhere that you need to keep security in mind. Clever, practical, adaptable. Nice one.

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