Here’s the latest chapter in the saga of Nik and Fabian, Switzerland’s Young Guns, and their Indian custom/racer project. “Miracle Mike,” named after a chicken that lived 18 months after its head was cut off, will debut at the Art and Wheels Show in Basel on Sat., May 13. In the performance art category, the silver chicken will compete in the first Essenza sprint race at the Cafe Racer Festival in Montlhery, France, on June 10.

Miracle Mike, built with the official support of Indian Motorcycle, is one of 16 motorcycles in this year’s Essenza sprint races and design competition. The second event will be at Glemseck 101 in Germany in September. Miracle Mike will face bikes entered by other manufacturers on a dead straight 1/8th of a mile strip. The winners will be the highest ranked participants in both sprints.

Also, during the three months between the two sprints a professional jury and the public will vote for the winner in the design competition. Nik and Fabian hope to win both the sprints and the design competition. The pair’s Indian Scout is called ‘Miracle Mike’ after a famous American chicken that had its had chopped off but continued to live for 18 months. The true story can be read on WkiPedia and the Young Guns wanted to keep a theme of naming their motorcycles after birds, such as Ferdinand the Sparrow, that they built to race on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

As Nik explains: “Miracle Mike" was an incredible chicken. We can’t think about anything that’s scarier to compete against than something you can chop the head off and it is still going strong! Our Scout sprint racer is a nitrous-powered performance machine. It has been the most complicated and difficult build we have done so far, even more difficult than our winning bike in the Sultans of Sprint and our Bonneville 750cc vintage record holder.”

Essenza organizer Katrin Oeding said: “We are delighted that the Young Guns are participating with Indian at Essenza. They are a part of a new generation of customizers and the youngest in the competition. Nik and Fabian have petrol in their blood, love speed and they combine it with design and their own lifestyle.” The Young Guns will also enter Miracle Mike in the Punks Peak race on Friday during the Wheels & Waves festival in France and Spain.

Young Guns Plan to Unveil Miracle Mike the Indian Scout

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