has snagged this photo of the new 2013 Triumph Daytona 675 utterly undisguised, completely revealing the new model weeks ahead of its scheduled release at November's EICMA show. Like the 2013 Triumph Street Triple, it appears as if upgrades are minimal, with the main change being a new, GP-style exhaust. Let's detail the changes below. Update: two additional photos in the gallery. Comparing the 2013 (top) to the current model (above), we can see the following changes: - Exhaust is now an underslung, GP-style affair. Can't see it terribly well from this side, but it's likely identical to that used by the new Street Triple. - Because the subframe no longer needs to support the exhaust, it's been made smaller and lighter, again in line with that of the Street Triple. It looks like plastic, but it's die cast aluminum. On the Street, that new subframe and exhaust shaves 6kg. - Along with that subframe comes a tiny, tiny, tiny (think: thong) pillion pad. - New rear light more cleanly integrated into tail unit. - Headlights appear similar, but gain a silver-colored piece of plastic reminiscent of eye shadow. Eww. - The cut outs in the side fairings are now more angular. Same place and size as before, so it's not likely there's much cooling benefit, just looks. - The body color side fairing now no longer extends all the way to the bottom, making for a larger, blacked-out belly pan. - The bike captured here appears to be wearing new accessories catalog frame sliders (which look really nice) and blinkers. - Suspension and brakes look identical, there may be new wheels with slimmer, more contoured spokes. Changes to the Street Triple this year were largely dictated by tightening exhaust regulations in Europe, so it's likely that the Daytona 675 is being updated for the same reasons. The Street received no power upgrades, so it's unlikely the Daytona will grow its current 124bhp. It doesn't really need to, that's already a wonderful motor in a wonderful bike. Now with a tad less weight and with that weight a tad more centralized, it'll be a little bit better. Gallery link

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