London-based LMA specializes in vintage/retro adventure touring packages with a laid-back approach.

Adventure touring has taken on numerous forms recently, and more outfits have popped up to guide riders in remote and engaging locales. One such is Legendary Motorcycle Adventures (LMA), founded by Sam Pelly and Ed Talbot Adams of London, who have partnered with Royal Enfield, Belstaff, and Malle to create vintage/retro guided tours.

The Spain to Morocco tour was recently covered by Chris Caldicott in The Telegraph. The author, who in his own words has a deep aversion to camping and had not ridden a motorcycle for several decades, had to first hustle and secure a motorcycle license. He found the low-pressure LMA approach appealing - stripped down adventure travel with the emphasis on relaxation, fun, and campfire chats. Not demanding routes for hardcore off-road riders.

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“A non-macho version of a motorcycle safari open to all,” said Talbot Adams. “Designed to appeal to women, novice bikers, and anyone with a taste for good company and gentle adventure on a vintage bike”.

The company offers a 10-day Great Britain Heritage tour and ride packages in Spain, Morocco, Corsica, and Sardinia. The gear assembly includes Royal Enfield Bullets, Outhaus dome swags, and Kelly Kettle stoves “that require no fossil fuel but burn anything from sticks, pine cones, and dry grass to camel dung and driftwood.”

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Touring Morocco with Legendary Motorcycle Adventures

“By the end of the first morning I felt liberated by LMA’s style of relaxed, unhurried travel, relishing the uncluttered simplicity of a land free of worldly goods, Wi-Fi and phone signals,” Caldicott writes. “On the way from Gibraltar to the ferry port of Algeciras, we pulled into a petrol station where a group of Czech bikers, riding huge hi-tech BMW touring bikes, studied our Royal Enfields and our Belstaff attire with a mixture of amusement and mockery.”

With a Range Rover as support vehicle, the group rode into the Rif Mountains, covering 310 miles of mostly wilderness between Tangier and the Algerian border. After a night in the hills of Jebel Bouhachem, the adventurers rode the coastline to Al Hoceima National Park, then headed inland to the Beni-Snassen Mountains. The reporter learned to cook with argan oil and saffron, “and – best of all – riding off-road, sans helmet, with the wind in my hair. What better way to start the day than waking to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee on a ridge high in the mountains, then watching the sun rise over the mist-filled valley below?”

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Legendary Motorcycle Adventures is offering a 10-day Spain to Sahara safari from March 23 to April 4 2018 for £3,620 ($4,909) per person. The price includes hire of Royal Enfield 500cc motorcycle plus all fuel, kit, food, drink, ferry crossings, accommodation (both camping and in hotels), plus support of backup vehicle and guides. Also available for 2018 are the company’s Andalusian Odyssey and Corsica to Sardinia tours, costing from £1,800 ($2,441) per person.