It's not quite a fully fledged FJ-10, but folks in Europe are being offered a touring focused of the Yamaha FZ-10.

Known as the MT-10 in Not America, the FZ-10, of course, sits atop a series of models, which, in Europe runs all the way down to a 125cc version. The FZ-10 is generally seen as a street fighter but it seems Europeans' love of do-everything bikes (ADV models are hugely popular on the continent not because there's really anywhere to off-road but because of their all-round nature) has encouraged the Japanese manufacturer to try to turn it into something a little more practical.

Europeans Get Touring-Ready Yamaha FZ-10

"Equipped with a special range of items that give enhanced comfort, increased functionality and improved practicality, the MT-10 Tourer Edition opens the Dark Side of Japan to an even wider audience," promises a prose-heavy media release. "A new journey through the darkness is about to begin."

The bike is equipped with a high screen and knuckle guards to block out the weather, whereas a "comfort seat" promises to tame the FZ-10's treatment of your derriere. Soft side cases bring increased functionality and a GPS mount is designed to accommodate a TomTom Rider.

Europeans Get Touring-Ready Yamaha FZ-10

Americans shouldn't feel too bad that a touring edition isn't available Stateside, since all the additions come from the accessories catalog – you should be able to build one yourself if so inclined.

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