A young German rider took a deadly life changing event and turned it into the ride of a lifetime.

Aileen Flos Silvestris, 29, is a woman on a quest. A native of Germany who spent several years “living, working and riding in Melbourne,” and is now “in exile in Bali,” Aileen is setting off on a Ducati Scrambler to fulfill her dreams.

“Aren’t we all dreaming about escaping our controlled reality and this plastic-like bubble, which we have created and call ‘life’?” she writes. “Rather than being a victim of society I’ve chosen to try and break the mold. To champion my own destiny and set out for a big adventure.”

Four years ago Aileen experienced a personal health issue that changed her perspective markedly.

Aileen Silvestris Set Out on a Moto Quest and You're Invited

“After my little world changed unexpectedly in August 2013, I found myself in an incredibly challenging and painful situation,” she writes. “Life forced me to change gear. It encouraged me to start thinking about the meaning of existence again. Even though I have always been chasing my dreams, I’ve maintained my childlike sense of wonder and curiosity. I kept myself so busy in an everyday routine that I didn’t take time for pit stops; to look at the map and the road I was on. (There were days when doctors questioned whether or not I would get to see the age of 30 – but that’s something you can read about in my ‘backstory’ soon.)

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Aileen honed her riding chops in Australia aboard a Honda CD250U (250 Rebel and Nighthawk in the States), a cafe version she called her Frankenstein Racer. It was her only transportation for two years, and she frankly admits to developing no particular mechanical aptitude. Nonetheless, she has decided to ride off to the four corners of the globe, with a “backpack full of dreams and a road into the unknown.

"It’s about a quest for truth, growth, transformation and healing guided by my spirit, heart and intuition,” she said.

She is not unaware of the potential challenges ahead.

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“I am incredibly excited for the journey but of course, also scared out of my wits,” she writes on her blog. “Yes, I dare to dream big and will roll my throttle to discovery of all four corners of this beautiful planet. At this stage I have no idea how to fill my tank, my tummy, nor where the road is going to lead me. I will face many obstacles and challenges, internally and externally.”

Aileen Silvestris Set Out on a Moto Quest and You're Invited

Aileen points out what the Moto Quest is, and isn’t, about on her website.

“It is about living my dream and becoming a conscious initiated adult who gets spontaneously involved with the complexity of nature and different cultures. Rather then being caught in the confines of civilization, which appears to me like a cluster of egos, I am challenging myself to deal with life as it is and meant to be – free. My aim is to share The Moto Quest authentically and inspire people with my story. In truth, I don’t know what the journey will hold for me so rather than tell you more about what to expect, let me tell you what not to expect from TMQ.

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It is not:

Another Travel blog – It’s a blog about a woman who is taking in the world’s magic and processing it based on her beliefs.

Another Motorcycle blog – Riding for me, is the greatest synonym of freedom. Nowhere else but in the saddle have I experienced such a great form of meditation and existence in the present moment.

Another Lifestyle blog – Because this is not going to be a comfortable trip.

Another Photography blog – I am simply capturing the perfection that is showing itself in everything, in an imperfect way. I carry my heart and gratitude in my eyes and my photo lens is the mirror of them.

Another Esoteric blog – I am not following any particular spiritual system or religion. Neither am I a great healer or enlightened being. In an open-minded way will I be exploring the unknown and mystical in different cultures and locations.

You can follow the course and details of Aileen’s Moto Quest here at her website, and you can check out one of her great videos below.

(We wish Aileen all the best on her four corners quest, and look forward to her reports. We would also like to know if she has a place to rent in Bali. – TR)