Jamie's adventure aboard a KTM 990 in snowy Colorado finished season two for RideApart TV. In its first year, we produced 26 10-minute-or-so episodes, here they all are, starting from the beginning. Look for an announcement about the show's next season in the near future.

Our very first episode. Man we were green. I was terrified I'd crash the 636lbs SuperTen on camera, but a set of TKC80s made it positively friendly on dirt roads. Still, doing repeat takes through the water crossings had my knuckles white and my eyes wide each and every time.
An easy recipe for great content: take one smart person, get them to forget a camera's there, then let them talk about what they're passionate about without interrupting too much. Scott's one of our favorite people in motorcycling right now, I'm sure you can see why.
This one caught a lot of commenting flack because "ATVs R Lame" apparently. Screw that, these things are some of the best fun you can have off-road. Plus, Sean MacDonald crashed and that's always funny.
We tried really, really hard to like the Zero DS, but its incredibly limited range just wasn't made palatable by its compromised riding dynamics. Basically, it's a stinker for anything but slow, short commutes. We got in trouble for having beers on the table during lunch, apparently not everyone knows nearly every shoot is a 14 hour day and not necessarily shown in chronological order.
One of my favorite episodes, this was the first time we were able to get Jamie on camera. It's seriously awesome riding with the dude, even if he does make everyone else look shit slow.
I was hungover and pissed off while we were filming this one, not least because I got stuck on a 9bhp kiddie bike in a run-what-you-brung race. Next time I'm going back with less of a headache and a fast motorcycle.
The first one we made with Nik Wogen on camera. He rides too, which made the day approximately 10 million percent easier. Seriously, never try to film a bike show with half the crew in cars, it takes way too damn long to get between locations and filming car-to-bike is just a nightmare due to the very different physics between the machines.
Our buddy Roland is actually way more interesting and intelligent than he's given credit for in most media appearances. Hopefully we were able to show that here and it's why he's a continued success where most custom bike builders are flashes in the pan.
Adey and Jamie in the canyons on a couple classic Triumphs built by Yoshi. It was hot as hell that day, so filming was a bit rough, but I think the bikes are still done justice with great riding footage.
I've got one simple rule for riding bikes and not spending nights in jail: leave. That's right, do whatever you want, pull wheelies, get your knee down, break into the LA river and jump over stuff. But, as soon as you're done, just get the hell out of there. With Nik asking for take after take after take, while shooting in downtown LA, we weren't leaving, but were on such silly little bikes that the cops didn't bother anyways.
I love this one, just because it shows the good, clean fun that can be had on a motorcycle. Makes bike racing look way more accessible than it typically is too. Plus, explosions between your legs, it's where your genitals are.
Jamie and Nik do a custom chopper show in Orange County. Nik's wide angle broke the morning off, so the whole thing is shot on telephoto...
A fan favorite, Jamie heads for the hills on Sean MacDonald's old Bonneville. We had something fancier booked, but it fell through. Still, the cafe conversion gave the episode a good look.
It doesn't have to cost a ton of money to go motorcycle racing. Jamie honestly bought this one for $300 and ended up less than $700 deep after fixing it up. Not bad for a truly epic experience.
Just two friends, riding bikes and hanging out in Malibu. Both Eric and Jamie are two of the friendliest, most down-to-earth people you'll ever meet. Fast as hell too.
Making this one was a blast. Racing old motocross bikes is easy and fun, the people are good and the action is accessible. I'd never ridden motocross before and it was 115 degrees out, but man was it a good day.
Just Jamie riding a fast bike and two goofs messing around in a Porsche. That was a real punch though, Jamie oughta wear a chest protector.
Jamie and Nik teach their wives to ride dirt bikes and get us to cover their costs. Hey, wait a minute...
Shot this one while I was injured, so our buddy Sean Matic went in my place. Apparently, it was so hot that he dumped nearly a gallon of sweat out of his jacket at the end of the day.
Miguel Galluzzi is the designer and general nice person behind the current range of Guzzis, Aprilias and Vespas. Hey, why don't we go hang out in his garage and talk bikes?
A mainstream lifestyle show, one of the things we're trying to achieve is to educate new converts to motorcycling about how to do it responsibly and safely. At the end, you can catch a glimpse of how sore I was just a few weeks after that accident.
More cheap, consequence-free fun with Meatball and crew. A bunch of rednecks got offended in YouTube comments. Honestly, we're surprised they have dem dar newfangled computation devices.
This is the episode of which I'm most proud. Also the one in which I'm most surprised we all lived. Filming two-up while splitting rush hour traffic on the 101, trying to synchronize speeds between different lanes was a lot easier than I feared, a testament to working with proficient, mature riders.
Came up with this one over drinks at the DRIVE christmas party in New York and made it stick even when we sobered up. Jamie played it way to nice with him on the back, why can't he do the same when I've got to sit back there?
Another epic trip for the Season 2 finale. Man, Nik can make a bunch of crappy dirt roads in the middle of nowhere look good.

Ideas for next season? Let's hear 'em.

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