The M-550 Pro Bug Out Survival Grenade Provides a Whole Lot of Bang for your Buck

So, about a million years ago I was a Boy Scout, and I learned a lot of valuable lessons during my tenure in Troop 61. The second thing I learned in the Scouts was "Be Prepared" – the first thing being "Sleep with one eye open" but that's neither here nor there – and I've carried a kind of low-key obsession with preparedness with me into my adult life. The Scouts also instilled in me a deep and abiding love of gear, especially military surplus and survival gear. Both my car and my wife's car are equipped with well-stocked survival/emergency/repair kits packed into watertight surplus 20mm ammo boxes. Even my bike has a small kit that I keep stashed under the saddle in an old chef's knife roll. This is all despite the fact that I have a killer AAA roadside assistance package that includes bike towing, and I'm rarely, if ever, in a place with no phone service. It's no wonder then that when I saw this little beauty come up in my feed I knew I had to have one.

Friends, let me introduce you to the M-550 Pro Bug Out Survival Grenade. Hand built by Surf City Paracord, the M-550 consists of about 45 feet of nylon paracord woven into the shape of the U.S. Army's old reliable M67 fragmentation grenade. Roughly the size and shape of a baseball, the M-550 is packed with essential survival gear that provides users with all the tools necessary to start fires, purify water, secure food, build shelters, and to otherwise make the best of a potentially bad situation. In all, each kit contains twenty-six tools or pieces of survival equipment wrapped inside–everything from a compass and miniature multi-tool to a fire starter, fishing gear, and first aid equipment. The M-550 is waterproof to keep all the tools inside warm and dry, floats if dropped in the water, and comes in a variety of colors. It can even be ordered in custom colors to coordinate with your tent and riding gear for just a few bucks extra.

Be Prepared with M-550 ProParacord Survival Grenade

 Now, in all fairness, the M-550 isn't for everybody. Your average street rider or motorcycle commuter doesn't need 45 feet of paracord and a handful of waterproof matches during their daily ride. (But you never know!) That being said, the M-550 seems perfectly suited for bike campers, globetrotting adventure riders, or our dirtier, dustier, more rugged cousins who tear up the back country on dirt bikes and ATVs.

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