Ducati kicked off EICMA 2017 a little early Sunday with the unveiling of several new models, including the long-rumored 959 Panigale Corse.

Ducati describes the sportbike as "the superlative sports version of the legendary Italian twin cylinder." Dripping with high-end parts like Öhlins suspension and Akrapovič silencers, the 955 cc, Superquadro-engine-powered beauty sets itself out as one of the Italian manufacturer's finest offerings. The 959 Panigale Corse has a maximum power of 150 hp at 10,500 rpm. Maximum torque is 102 Nm at 9,000 rpm. Such characteristics enable high performance on the track and enjoyable on-road riding, Ducati claims, without having to compromise on long maintenance intervals. The valve clearance control is every 24,000 km (or 15,000 miles).

Ducati Pulls Cover Off 959 Panigale Corse

The chassis of the 959 Panigale Corse is based on a compact monocoque structure, in die-cast aluminum for added resistance with the Superquadro engine incorporated as a structural element. Attached directly to the cylinder heads, it houses two aluminum bushes to the front which in turn house the steering head bearings. In addition to working as a frame, the monocoque also acts as an air-box. It contains the air filter as well as the throttle bodies and the fuel circuit, complete with injectors and it's sealed off by the bottom of the aluminum fuel tank.

<em>The US version will have a different exhaust than the European version.</em>

The US version will have a different exhaust than the European version.


This exclusive version of the 959 Panigale is equipped with high-quality Öhlins suspensions. It has a multi-adjustable titanium-nitride treated Öhlins NIX30 fork with a diameter of 43 mm, and a multi- adjustable Öhlins TTX36 shock-absorber. The suspension fittings are completed by an adjustable steering damper, also by Öhlins. The 959 Panigale Corse has a running weight (bike with fluids, battery and fuel tank 90-percent full) of only 197.5 kg (435 lbs). That's 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) less than the 959 Panigale, thanks to the lithium-ion battery and titanium silencer.

Ducati Pulls Cover Off 959 Panigale Corse

The 959 Panigale Corse is fitted with an electronics package that includes ABS, Ducati Traction Control (DTC), Ducati Quick Shift (DQS), Engine Brake Control (EBC) and Ride-by-Wire (RbW). Thanks to the Ducati Riding Mode technology, these systems can be combined differently to give the bike three different personalities. The three riding modes available to the 959 Panigale Corse are Race, Sport and Off Road. No, not really. We just wanted to see if you were reading this. The third one is Wet.

A release date has not yet been announced.

Ducati Pulls Cover Off 959 Panigale Corse
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