Justin and Kyra are bringing their particular brand of nomadic madness to RideApart on the regular.

What started as an excuse to ride dirt bikes in Baja has become a portal into the lives of two authors, photographers and cultural bloodhounds. Seeking a new adventure, different destinations, and something exciting to ride, Justin W. Coffey and Kyra Sacdalan have been living on the road for nearly four years, traveling by motorbike and documenting their adventures along the way. Now the pair will share their experiences on RideApart with a weekly editorial column and forthcoming video series aptly titled, Perpetual Motion.

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The nomadic life is not for everyone. Not for the Type A or the always organized person, for example. It is, however, for those looking to experience something other than what’s been presented to them. Something sketchy or frustrating, beautiful and breathtaking, or all of the above. When the decision was made to make travel a full-time thing, Justin and Kyra shook loose the proverbial chains of the nesting urge, undid the knots that tie them to stuff and things and place, and set out on their motorbikes.

Introducing Perpetual Motion - A Regular RideApart Column

But wait, just who the hell are Justin and Kyra?

Justin cut his editorial teeth in the car racing industry, working as the creative director for a motorsports publication. He then made the move to motorcycles where he worked as the marketing manager for a rather well known ADV accessories manufacturer. But when office chairs and conference calls overshadowed his appetite for adventure, he exited stage left and headed south.

Introducing Perpetual Motion - A Regular RideApart Column

Kyra, on the other hand, spent eight years working as a rigger and rope access technician in the entertainment industry. Her love for motorcycles was the result of a father and older brother who both rode. Her first bike? A 1981 Honda CM 200. When the glass ceiling of an industry loomed short overhead, she too headed south to train at a dance school in Hollywood and see what the world might throw at her.

Introducing Perpetual Motion - A Regular RideApart Column

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Then one fateful night, the two met at a jazz club in Santa Monica through a mutual friend. At the club, Justin posed Kyra a question:

“How do you feel about riding dirt bikes in Baja?”

Kyra answered with an enthusiastic, “Yes!” and the rest was history. The conclusion of said adventure led them to launch WESTx1000, an avenue to document their kinetic lifestyle in static mediums, and to create unique content for the motorcycle community.

Introducing Perpetual Motion - A Regular RideApart Column

Since that first month in Mexico, the two have traveled to more than a dozen countries, logged tens-of- thousands of miles on a variety of motorcycles, and lived out of two bags strapped to the back of their bikes.

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Now, after four years in the saddle, Justin and Kyra have decided it’s time to document their endeavors – the lessons they’ve learn along the way, the people they meet, and the experiences they share –through a new column here on RideApart. Perpetual Motion intends to attract new riders, validate those currently riding, and make aficionados of those who choose to ride along vicariously. Their video series and accompanying editorial column is not necessarily about motorcycles – which are but a catalyst for their experiences –  but about life and how, as their good friend and legendary motorcycle adventurer Austin Vince likes to say, “you shouldn’t listen to anybody who hasn’t done exactly what you intend to do.”

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