People like to show off nowadays. Thanks to social media and YouTube, there’s an audience for everything—from the awesomest to the dumbest. This story falls pretty low on the awesome-to-dumb spectrum. There’s a lesson here I can’t quite put my finger on. Something about not running away from the police, or at least not posting a video of you running away from the police after failing to not run away.

Brian A. Bianco could have stopped his improperly-plated bike when the cherries lit up after he failed to signal his turn. Not exactly the kind of situation you want to be pulled over for, but a reasonable adult would take responsibility. Bianco is, apparently, not a responsible adult. When he saw the officer walk up to him in St. Charles, Illinois, while waiting at a stop light, he opened the throttle and made a run for it. This sparked a chase in which Bianco allegedly reached an eye-watering 143 mph as he fled. That's not so much riding as it is low flying.

Technically, Bianco did get away. The officer didn't even try to chase him since Bianco had the obvious advantage in this situation. Now, if you commit a crime, the smart thing to do when you get away with it is to lay low for a while. You know, like in Grand Theft Auto. You have to wait for the heat level to go down a few notches before getting back to being a video game outlaw. Except this kid had a hot footage from the chase and he couldn't wait to show it to people.

The police arrested him a few days following the incident after his video popped up in a FailsandFights compilation that linked back to his YouTube account. Bianco was charged with fleeing from the police and reckless driving. He was sentenced to 100 hours of community service and banned from owning and/or riding a motorcycle for 12 months.

May his denseness (read: stupidity) serve as a lesson. As tempting as it is, don’t brag about doing illegal stuff. If your friend Dave and your mom can see it on YouTube, so can Lady Justice.

Source: New York Post, Daily Herald

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