Independence Day is a time for party, but let's make sure we make it home after that party

The fireworks will spark, the beer will flow, and countless celebrations across the country will flare up for Independence Day. What better way to celebrate than to jump in the saddle and appreciate a small (or big) portion of this land called home? With the party switch at on and a higher volume of travelers expected on the roads, however, your American Motorcyclist Association reminds you to be cautious and to be safe.

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In a release shared by the AMA, president and CEO Rob Dingman reminds motorists and motorcyclists that amidst all the partying and fun, those who choose to take the road on July 4th should be extra careful.

“Please wait to start celebrating until you arrive at your destination. Drive or ride sober and watch out for motorcyclists on America’s highways and byways, which will be much busier than usual.”

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According to the AMA (and also to us), the usual recommendations are in order. First, don’t drink and ride. We'll let you in on a little secret: the party actually becomes much more fun when your plan to get home is figured out ahead of time. Don’t forget to shoulder check and throw in an extra over-the-shoulder look for good measure, there will be people e-very-where. Keep a safe distance and try not to ride up anybody’s butt; you won’t get there any faster and in case you’ve never experienced it yet, two wheels don’t stop as gracefully as four.

With the people out in the streets celebrating with barbecues, picnics, fireworks, and music, the crowd is expected to be loud, proud, and wild. Why not slow down? And because some knuckleheads will obviously skip a few—or all—the recommendations, you’ll have to be extra careful for them.

“Our freedom to ride and travel requires that we do so responsibly and in a manner that does not pose a threat to others,” added Dingman in the release.

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From all of us at RideApart, have fun, live free, ride hard, but don’t be dumb: we want you back disagreeing with us and calling us out tomorrow. Happy 4th of July!

Celebrate Freedom and Be Safe Doing So!


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