Yamaha has finally unveiled the all-new YZF-R6 for 2017 and it looks amazing.

It has been over 10 years since the current 3rd generation R6 was released; the bike has been absolutely dominating the supersport racing class. The YZF-R6 has been able to make more power than the 600cc competition and the chassis has provoked razor sharp handling that nearly any rider can feel more comfortable on and elicit quicker lap times.

However, a brand new generation has arrived for 2017 and it looks to set the bar even higher.

A new video released by Yamaha Motor Corp. in connection with the launch offers plenty of visual and audio bliss. As noted from previous videos, it looks like we're dealing with a standard-layout inline 4 cylinder, which judging by the quick glance at the instrument display, redlines at nearly 17,000 RPM. The instrument display also indicated a quick shifter, traction control, and drive modes.

Yamaha says its ride-by-wire Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) system will be one of the electronic aids helping riders. The system "senses the slightest throttle input by the rider and instantaneously calculates the ideal throttle valve opening, and then actuates the throttle valves to actively control intake volume."

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The traction control system, meanwhile assists the rider in managing traction on various road conditions by quickly modulating throttle opening, ignition timing and fuel volume. Yamaha says the system is "designed to operate and intervene extremely smoothly, for minimal disruption to forward drive, and unlike many TC systems, is capable of adapting to changing tire diameter and grip caused by tire wear."

The YZF-R6 TCS includes six modes (plus off).

Lastly, Yamaha’s D-Mode system will allow the rider to choose the optimum engine character for his or her riding situation and preferences, according to Yamaha.

Yamaha says the quickshifter system is not a standard feature but can be purchased as an option from Yamaha. However, the first 500 customers who put a $500 deposit on the new 2017 YZF-R6 will get the quickshifter system added at no charge, but installation is not covered.

The front forks, swing arm, brakes, wheels and exhaust layout look very similar to the current gen R6. However, the front fairing has an intake port reminiscent of the M1 MotoGP bike with headlight very similar to the YZF-R1. The all new running lights look very sleek. The tail fairing, taillight and mirrors also look as if parts were borrowed from the older brother R1.

The forks are in fact larger than the current gen R6 and apparently have the same components as on the current YZF-R1. The 43mm KYB forks are up from the previous 41mm set. ABS comes standard on the new YZF-R6 with 320mm front discs. Finally, the subframe is constructed from magnesium on the new model and the fuel tank from aluminum both to save mass.

The retail price for the 2017 Yamaha YZF-R6 will be $12,199 and it will be available in team Yamaha blue, matte raven black and white/matte silver colorways. Bikes will begin to deliver in March of next year.

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