Last chance to meet up on Friday the 13th before 2019

Every Friday the 13th that isn't in the winter, if there is one place you want to be, it's Port Dover, Ontario, Canada. Since 1981, the small town located on the shores of Lake Erie is host to thousands of motorcyclists of all styles and all walks of life. With the riding season being so short north of the border, the recurring PD13 event that only occurs once or twice a year is the occasion to get fully immersed in the riding culture. Today, July 13th will be the last occasion for riders to get together before 2019 and they plan on making it count.

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Close to 200,000 riders descend upon Port Dover, temporarily swelling the small town's population by nearly twenty-fold (about 10,000 residents call Port Dover home year-round). The beach-like city of Port Dover is the perfect setting to soak up the sun and enjoy all the good things the motorcycle life has to offer. The July 2018 edition is expected to be particularly significant. It's the first time in a while that the event falls on a proper summer day, which means a higher attendance can be expected.

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Not a bad view—Port Dover lets out your inner biker and beach bum at the same time.

Not a bad view—Port Dover lets out your inner biker and beach bum at the same time.

A world record for most women riders present will be attempted, organized by the group Women Who Ride. The previous record was set at 933. The event also aims to raise funds and awareness for Skin Cancer Canada. A number of shows are scheduled and all the motorcycles will be on display for everyone's viewing pleasure. Visitors will also have access to different vendors.

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The event's organizers are well prepared to deal with the influx of riders and visitors are clearly directed to the parking areas, all you need is a bit of patience as you will most likely have to wait in line to get to where you want to go. Events are scheduled until 10:45 pm.


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