Motorcycle culture is near and dear to many military veterans. Yesterday's 2015 America's Parade through New York City's streets in honor of Veteran's Day showcased that connection in front of an estimated 600,000 spectators.

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Here's to the Road Warriors

One stand-out member of the event is the Road Warrior Foundation (RWF), an organization founded with the mission to utilize "powersports and adventure to produce a challenging environment that takes people out and puts them back in the drivers seat." Or, simply put, "adventure works!"

The RWF enjoys a partnership with Bombardier Recreational Products & Vehicles (BRP), one of the world's leading powersports manufacturers, and a staunch supporter of veterans in its own right.

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For the America's Parade, the two came together to provide Can-Am Spyders to ten veterans riding in the parade. Yesterday marked the second full year of the partnership.

BRP & the Road Warrior Foundation Provide Spyders To Parading Veterans

Boosting the Spyder section's ranks, Jack “J.D.” Hudson, a retired U.S. Marine, rode his own Can-Am Spyder all the way from Tampa, FL, to NYC to participate.

The Guys Behind RWF

Said Craig Anders, co-founder and director of the Road Warrior Foundation, “it is very important for the Road Warrior Foundation to have a presence in the America’s Parade. Not only will it be incredible to ride with a group of Veterans on Can-Am Spyders down 5th Avenue, it is also an opportunity for us to make even more veterans aware of the programs the Road Warrior Foundation offers.”

His co-founder and director, Steve Berger, added that “events like this are great for networking and finding organizations with similar missions. Telling one person that we do an annual Can-Am Spyder ride, providing vets with adventures that cover multiple states and thousands of miles, can lead to someone saying ‘hey, I have the perfect candidate for you to take next year.’"

How To Get Involved

You can visit the Road Warrior Foundation website and watch the video below to learn Steve and Craig's story, more about their mission, and how you can be a part of supporting moto-loving veterans.

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BRP & the Road Warrior Foundation Provide Spyders To Parading Veterans

BRP & the Road Warrior Foundation Provide Spyders To Parading Veterans
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