CSC Motorcycles to launch a new adventure bike for under $3,000.

First off, we're just the messengers. If you're an ADV enthusiast, you probably read this headline and said to yourself, “A new model adventure bike? For less than $3,000? It’ll be an underpowered, fragile piece of crap. Probably built in China.” Well... you may well be right. It is built in China, but it’s an interesting story, and of course we welcome you all to let us know what you think of it in the Comments section below.

A New $3,000 ADV Motorcycle? Yes, Please!

CSC Motorcycles

CSC Motorcycles, a builder of small-displacement bikes, is working with Chinese manufacturer Zongshen to import the CSC RX-3 Cyclone, a 250cc adventure bike. CSC plans to sell the bike at an introductory price of $2,895 – the price is set to go to $3,495 after first shipment sells out. According to CSC’s website, the bike is currently going through the U.S certification process and is set to go on sale sometime this fall.

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A New $3,000 ADV Motorcycle? Yes, Please!

Power Per Dollar

So what – and more importantly, where – will spending a mere $3,000 on a new adventure bike get you? Well, let’s start with the powerplant. The CSC RX-3 is powered by a 250cc engine (we can see your eyes rolling) that delivers just under 25 horsepower and just over 16lb/ft of torque. CSC believes that despite what diehard ADV riders will say, a small 250cc engine is adequate – and possibly ideal – for adventure riding. On the company’s website, the company says that the bike’s light weight (listed at 175 kg / 385 lbs) makes it ideal for offroad riding – it’s easy to pick up if dropped, or if repairs are needed. CSC claims the bike will have a top speed of about 85 mph.

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The bike spots other bells and whistles: U.S. Delphi EFI, Siemens-built LCD speedometer, and “cool” (CSC’s word, not ours) LED lights. The bike also comes with a luggage rack and a full set of panniers. CSC will be offering the Cyclone in four different colors. It’s not a particularly bad-looking bike, and certainly conforms to the stereotypical ADV bike stylings.


A New $3,000 ADV Motorcycle? Yes, Please!
So is this an ADV bike for serious riders? Or is it perfect for noobs who want to get into adventure riding but don’t have the cash for, say, a BMW G 650 GS? It’s impossible to say until the reviews come in. But CSC does have some hurdles to overcome.

For starters, it’s hard to imagine a 250cc bike running well offroad under a full long-term travel load. (Forget about carrying a passenger.) ADV bikes are prized for their versatility, but will the Cyclone be able to tackle a fast-moving California freeway? And then there’s the question of quality – Chinese motorcycle builders aren’t known for their craftsmanship, and the fact that the CSC RX-3 only comes with a one year warranty is an eyebrow-raiser.

A New $3,000 ADV Motorcycle? Yes, Please!

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So what do you think? Is CSC offering a great ADV bike for an unbeatable price? Or should the buyer beware?

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