A motorcyclist does good on the road in this clip posted by YouTube user Solomon Wu. On his commute to work in San Francisco—a place that is simply a must to own a motorcycle because traffic is an absolute nightmare—Solomon witnesses an irate driver who clearly had no time to follow the rules of the road and utilized the emergency lane on the left to speed past law-abiding motorists. It was a stupid move that gained the attention of a motorcycle CHP officer who was in hot pursuit.

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A little bit down the road, the offender crashes his car and assumes it's a better idea to run from the cops on foot. The CHP officer jumps off the bike and goes after him. Solomon hops off his bike, stops the wrecked car from rolling down the bridge, and proceeds to pick up debris in the road so motorists don't damage their cars—or better yet, so another motorcyclist maybe doesn't wreck due to an errant bumper or suffer a flat from a broken shard of plastic in the roadway.

I believe that the world and our roads are a better place with motorcyclists like Solomon Wu. I commend his actions, he gives motorcyclists a good name. High-five bro.

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Skip along to the following time markers to see all the action as provided by Solomon:

0:04 - Car speeds by in the shoulder.

0:32 - Moto officer passes along the shoulder.

4:27 - Driver loses control of vehicle and runs.



Motorcyclist Does Good When Others Do Nothing
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