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I love the Marvel movies, but my own child-like enthusiasm for the franchise aside, there’s something cool that you may have missed in the latest trailer for Captain America: Civil War. Is this a new Harley?

Oh, yeah, and there’s Spider Man, does that mean Iron Man worked with Spidey to produce a Iron Man/Spider Man suit like in the comics????!!??? — Ok ok, back on the motorcycle track here, we already saw quick, tiny shots of what looked like a new H-D with an inverted fork front suspension. There appears to be an action sequence with Cap's friend and now antagonist in Civil War, Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier.

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Harley has a major involvement with the Marvel movie franchise, that’s nothing new. H-D is to Marvel what Chevrolet was to Transformers. Like Chevy building a concept Corvette for one of the Transformers movies, H-D kind of introduced Project LiveWire in Avengers: Age of Ultron. So it seems H-D is back at it again, we think... This is the first full look of the bike, if even a blurred shot of it crashing at the hands of the Black Panther.

It may look like a new custom Victory Octane, but it’s not, I’ll guarantee it. In the last trailer we only caught a glimpse of the top of the bike, namely the handlebars, and we can clearly see those same damn control housings H-D has used since 1996. To me that’s a clear indicator, plus why would Marvel and H-D break the relationship?

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Catch a Quick Glimpse of a New Harley in Latest Captain America: Civil War Trailer

So, the next question: is this a new production bike, a new concept, or just a one-off custom job for the movie? Of course we hope the former, with that flat-track-style tail section, integrated LED taillight, bikini fairing and the best part of it all...that inverted fork front end.

It reminded me a little bit of Roland Sand’s Dyna Ripper, but it’s obviously not. Alas though it’s probably going to be something we’re only going to see in the movie and not something you'll see at the local dealership anytime soon. Oh how they’ve suspended my disbelief.



Well maybe it's not an H-D because you can see he's clearly using only two fingers, and not a full hand on the clutch... ;-)


Catch a Quick Glimpse of a New Harley in Latest Captain America: Civil War Trailer
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