Bell’s Custom-Fit helmet program launched last year, and the company is taking a step to widen the range of helmet styles offered. Apparently it has been a success for the company as Bell is adding their famous motocross helmet, the Moto-9, to the list.

You may have seen the Bell Custom Fitment Van at your local dealer expo or motocross event. We were scanned at the Red Bull Straight event in LA along with the Washington stop on the Progressive International Motorcycle Show (different editors).

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The Moto-9 is a light, carbon fiber helmet that complements the already available Star Carbon full-face, giving riders another option in the custom-helmet arena.


The customization process is decidedly wicked. Riders have their heads laser-scanned in order to get an accurate shape of the head, which helps Bell design the EPS inner shell of the helmet. The better the fitting helmet, the better it will work at protecting riders’ heads. It also alleviates the struggle of finding the perfect-fitting helmet in a world of one-size-fits-all—well, sort of.

The accuracy of the EPS inner shell is crucial to rider safety in the event of the head meeting other hard surfaces. That shell absorbs and distributes the impact force around the head, transmitting as little force of the impact to the skull. A better fitting shell, and subsequently, a better fitting helmet, could mean the difference between a debilitating injury or a headache.

You can’t really put a price on safety of this caliber (though Bell has no problem doing so). The future of helmets is exactly what Bell is doing, customizing to each individual head for optimal safety. When the program comes to a city near you, go on down and get one fitted. You can expect the Moto-9 helmet early this year.

Bell Adds Second Helmet, the Moto-9 To Custom-Fit Program

Bell Adds Second Helmet, the Moto-9 To Custom-Fit Program
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