Victory Motorcycles Reveals 2017 Model Year Line-Up

Victory Motorcycles has shared its 2017 Model Year Line-Up, revealing no major changes since the unveiling of the 1200cc Octane earlier this year but offering a few new paint schemes.

Powered by a liquid-cooled 60-degree V-Twin that produces 104 hp and 76 ft-lbs. of torque, the Octane is now available in four color schemes: Gloss Black ($9,999), Matte Super Steel Gray ($10,499), Matte Pearl White ($10,499) and Gloss Black with Graphics ($10,499).

2017 Victory Octane

The bike is still not available with ABS in the United States, despite being equipped with the feature in Europe. But Victory is offering an optional Stage 2 Kit that includes an air intake and 2-1 exhaust to offer 10 percent more horsepower and 5 percent more torque.


2017 Victory Gunner

The Gunner remains unchanged from previous years. It is still available in Suede Titanium Metallic ($13,499) and Suede Sagebrush Green Metallic ($13,899).


2017 Victory High Ball

The Rockabilly-esque High-Ball gains two new color options for 2017. Choose from Suede Black with black-wall tires ($13,499) or Suede Nuclear Sunset Orange ($13,749) with white-wall tires.

Hammer S

2017 Victory Hammer S

The only Victory cruiser to carry dual front disc brakes, the fat-rear-tired Hammer S is available in Gloss Black with White Racing Stripes ($15,599).


2017 Victory Vegas

The popular stalwart of Victory’s cruiser line-up remains unchanged from last year’s tweak. It is available in Sunset Red ($13,999) with color-matched frame.

Vegas 8-Ball

2017 Victory Vegas 8-Ball

Like the Vegas but less colorful, and unintentionally (we assume) given a name that references cocaine, the 2017 Vegas 8-Ball is available in Gloss Black ($12,999).

Magnum X-1

2017 Victory Magnum X-1

The mobile-disco version of one of a Magnum, the 200-watt 10-speaker-laden Magnum X-1 is available in Pearl White with Platinum overlay and Electric Red pinstriping ($24,499).


2017 Victory Magnum

A perfectly good Cross Country hit by a mid-2000s bling hammer, the Victory Magnum Is available in Gloss Black with graphics ($22,599), Habañero Inferno Orange with graphics ($23,099) and Indy Red Pearl with graphics ($23,099).

Cross Country

2017 Victory Cross Country

Still, in our opinion, one of the best bikes of the bagger class, the more-nimble-than-you’d-think Cross Country is available in Gloss Black ($19,499), Suede White Frost ($19,999), Suede Nuclear Sunset Orange ($19,999) and Sunset Red ($19,999).

Cross Country Tour

2017 Victory Cross Country Tour

More than just a Cross Country with a trunk, a Cross Country Tour was the weapon of choice when Swiss adventurer Urs “Grizzly” Pedraita recently set an around-the-world motorcycling record. Now sporting LED lighting, it’s available in Gloss Black ($21,999), Gloss Blue Fire ($22,499) and Two-tone Turbo Silver and Black ($22,999).

Victory Vision Tour

2017 Victory Vision Tour

A great bike (we rode one to Italy last year) that’s starting to feel pretty long in the tooth when compared against other tourers, the Jetson-esque Vision is available in good ol’ fashioned Gloss Black ($21,099) and Captain-America-like blue that Victory calls Gloss Blue Fire ($22,099).

Empulse TT

2016 Victory Empulse TT

Notably listed as a 2016 model by Victory (is that a typo or a sign of something new to come?), the electric Empulse TT has a 10.4 kWh battery module that can fully charge in 3.9 hours. It is the only electric bike equipped with a gearbox – a six-speed transmission – although shifting is entirely optional as it also operates in a twist-and-go mode for maximum convenience. The bike is available in Titanium Silver with Havasu Red ($19,999).

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