Triumph Offers Entry-Level Bonneville in Form of T100 and T100 Black

Triumph has decided the time has come to make “owning an original icon easier than ever before.” The Bonneville family now has two younger (and more affordable) siblings in the classically styled form of the T100 and T100 Black.

Inspired by the legendary 1959 Bonneville, and styled to incorporate more of the design, silhouette, and character of the original, the T100 and T100 Black have all the timeless style and signature touches of a traditional Triumph. The new 100s are powered by a 900cc parallel twin engine with more torque, better fuel economy, and a rich, deeper exhaust note than previous incarnations of the basic Bonnie.

The new T100s share the distinctive Bonneville silhouette and many of the features of the T120. From the sculpted lines of the 14.5-liter (3.8-gallon) signature fuel tank, to the intricately detailed Bonneville engine plate and twin clocks, Triumph says, the new T100s set a new standard for quality and finish.

Triumph says the classic Bonneville profile is enhanced by a detailed comfort seat finished in contrast piping with deeper foam for heightened comfort.

The T100 Black boasts fully black components including wheel rims, a twin peashooter exhaust in a matte black finish and blacked out engine covers for a unique look.

One of the key areas of development for both T100 models is the new chassis and suspension set-up, which Triumph says significantly enhances comfort levels for the rider. The British brand says its new set-up gives a better overall riding experience, whether for long distance journeys, everyday use, or with a pillion. Each model features longer rear suspension unit and cartridge front forks, which work together to offer the rider an "engaging yet easy-going riding experience."

Both the T100 and T100 Black are lighter than the new T120 and also have shorter wheelbase, rake, and trail than the previous generation T100. This, combined with a low seat height and relaxed riding position, makes them more accessible and easier to ride says Triumph. Both bikes are fitted with custom developed Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp tires, designed especially by Pirelli for the Bonneville family, with stiffness and profile changes to the front, and deeper tread on the rear for secure handling and improved durability.

Specifically tuned to achieve much higher torque much lower down, the T100 produces a peak torque figure of 80Nm (59 ft.-lb) at 3,200 rpm – an increase of 18 percent on the outgoing Bonneville T100. With enhanced throttle response from Triumph’s ride-by-wire fuel injection and a slick new five-speed gearbox, the T100 engine has a 270-degree firing interval for a smooth, linear power delivery. Triumph says a new extended service interval of 10,000 miles (16,000 km) dramatically reduces the overall cost of ownership.

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