Tae a look at the Supercharged Divergent 3D Dagger Concept Bike we saw at the 2016 LA Auto Show.

What you are looking at here is a motorcycle from Los Angeles based, Divergent 3D. The folks form Divergent 3D have created the Dagger, a motorcycle based around the supercharged Kawasaki H2, with the non-mechanical components were actually 3D printed at their lab in an effort to show the potential of this technology. The dagger was the first thing you see when you walked into the 2016 LA Auto Show so we have to assume Divergent 3D printed up a healthy quantity of coin to procure that position.

Supercharged Divergent 3D Dagger Concept Bike

The printed parts of the Dagger are printed using Divergent 3Ds eco-friendly 50% carbon fiber and 50% who knows what material to form the trellis frame, sub-frame and sculpted fuel tank. No word on whether this is a running motorcycle but we have to assume it was not. It was however, a very interesting concept that will no doubt become a reality in the not too distant future, if this company has anything to say about it. They are actively pushing to become a part of the automobile industry and are hoping that the ability to create lightweight and durable parts for cheap will create a niche for them in the powersport world as well.

The Divergent 3D Facebook offered this explanation of the bike: “The Dagger is our new 3D-printed demo vehicle, on display at the LA Auto Show’s South Hall Atrium, Our eco-friendly manufacturing platform can bring 3D-printing to any auto company.”

The Dagger is not the first high-tech concept machine to roll out of the Divergent 3D top secret development center. Check out the Blade, an ultra-trick supercar with printed metal components including the frame and super-sexy bodywork. If these machines are any indication of what things will look like, we have no choice but to feel good about where this technology is heading. Unfortunately they did not have a video of the Dagger but the Blade video explains the philosophy behind Divergent 3D.


The Divergent 3D Blade was designed to give auto manufacturers a glimpse into the potential of 3D printing.

The Divergent 3D Blade was designed to give auto manufacturers a glimpse into the potential of 3D printing.

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