In a bleak motorcycle market, BMW motorrad's 2017 numbers are a welcome ray of sunshine.

Though the Bavarian powerhouse’s sales are down slightly, the company is still outperforming the market.

It's been a rough year for the motorcycle business. U.S. motorcycles sales as a whole dropped by 3.2 percent In 2017, which sent industry bigwigs into a frenzy of hand wringing about how to capture new markets while clinging to old reliable ones. It hasn't been all sturm und drang, though. Take BMW for example! During 2017, BMW Motorrad U.S.A. somehow managed to defy general market trends and sell more bikes than expected. The company saw a decline in sales of only 1.3 percent, while the company’s primary competition is reportedly down by more than 6 percent. BMW was able to sell 13,5446 motorcycle units in 2017 and with the brand’s best selling bikes being its large ADV machines, that adds up to a lot of cash.

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“We are proud to report these impressive results despite current market conditions. BMW Motorrad U.S.A. achieved all-time record sales in November, while December 2017 was our best December since 2004 and our fourth consecutive month of sales growth,” said Michael Peyton, Vice President, BMW Motorrad North America.

BMW’s U.S. division had a strong finish in 2017, selling 1,270 units. That's a 37.3-percent jump from December of 2016. Peyton says December’s positive numbers are thanks to the increasingly popular R 1200 GS Adventure,  which alone accounted for 15 percent of the month’s total sales. As BMW Motorrad’s biggest importer, the US market plays an important role in the manufacturer’s overall success. Due to its importance, BMW has invested heavily in the American market, sponsoring hip events such as the “Salty Sprint Races” at this year’s Moto Beach Classic.

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With its most diverse lineup of all time – including sub-$5K entry-level options, several scooters, and more than 150 U.S. retailers – BMW expects good things to come in 2018.

“New and loyal customers; the broadest model range in our history; and a strong and growing dealer network will continue to propel BMW motorcycle sales in the coming year,” said Peyton.

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Though motorcycle sales make up just a fraction of BMW's total revenues, the company's two-wheeled division is still a major earner, with the U.S. market alone accounting for millions in profits annually. Let's hope the Bavarians do as well this year.

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