The iconic Italian bike maker pulled the cover off next year's halo bike and, whew...

The Italians have always had a good handle on the style and passion inherent in mechanical design. Just about every machine they make – from angular, aggressive Lamborghinis to Ducati Monsters that look like they're moving 100 miles-per-hour standing still – is designed to raise blood pressure and make onlookers tug at their collars. MV Agusta, a company that knows how to turn heads, just released the details (and photos) of next year's achingly beautiful F4 RC and, whew, is it getting hot in here?

Like all of MV Agusta's RC-series bikes, the limited edition 2018 F4 RC is derived from the manufacturer’s WSBK competition machines. At its heart is a Corsa Corta inline-four with central distribution chain and radial valves that boasts an insane maximum power output of 205 horsepower. To control all that power, the bike is equipped with an advanced computer suite that controls parameters such as throttle sensitivity, maximum torque, engine braking, engine response, and even rev limiter. These can all be adjusted and customized to the rider’s liking or the track’s conditions. It also features the trick EAS 2.0 electronically assisted shift, and a handful of gyroscopes and accelerometers which feed real time data to the bike's computer to instantly optimize performance at all times.

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The RC features Öhlins components fore and aft, with NIX 30 fork cartridges, a TTX 36 rear shock, and an electronic, fully-adjustable steering-damper. The brakes are Brembo units that were specifically designed for this model. Two 320mm discs with 30mm four-piston GP monobloc calipers up front, and a four-piston calliper and a 210mm steel disc in back. The entire braking system is regulated via the latest version of the Bosch 9 Plus Race Mode ABS which features the high-tech RLM (Rear Wheel Lift-Up Mitigation) system.

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In addition to the SC-project full titanium single exit exhaust – an add-on that grants an extra 7 horsepower and probably sounds amazing – the RC comes with a collection of other track-only goodies. There's the race tuned ECU, rapid-release fuel-cap, carbon-heatshields, F4 RC single seat cowl, and even ultra lightweight screws and other “small parts” to reduce weight as much as possible. Each machine also gets a numbered plaque, customized bike cover, and certificate of origin which all come in a cool little wooden box. More details on figures will emerge over time, but luckily MV has released an ample number of photos of the gorgeous new super bike. And if there’s one thing MV does better than anyone else, it’s produce some world-class motorcycle porn.

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