So, apparently the good people of India have a pretty laissez faire attitude toward traffic laws. One bit of evidence supporting this, shall we say, relaxed attitude is the epidemic of wrong-side driving on the Subcontinent. Since lanes are merely a suggestion, some Indians tend to drive wherever they want on the road. While this might save a driver some fuel or shave a few minutes off their arrival time, the potential for disaster is high to say the least, a fact that an unwitting motorcyclist and his passenger almost learned the hard way.

We stumbled on this video—which, according to our friends at CarToq, comes to us from Tamil Nadu—this morning, and man, we haven't unclenched since. In it, we see some helmet cam footage of a guy on a Royal Enfield weaving through traffic on a moderately busy highway. After passing one car, he rolls up behind a heavy truck just chilling in the middle of both lanes like it belongs there. Our man attempts to pass the truck only to find a second truck coming right for him in the wrong lane. Since we don't do snuff films here, the rider and his passenger obviously survive this encounter, but you need to watch the video to see exactly how he managed not to meet his maker that day.

There, did you watch the video? Yeesh, right? I'm not sure I would have had the wherewithal or the reflexes for that move, despite it being pretty obvious. There wasn't a lot of room for error there considering how the first truck, the one going the right way across both lanes, was just kind of wandering around there, but he made it. Any ride you make it home from is a good one, right?


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