Living the green, white, and red dream with the Ducati Dream Tour

Raise your hand if you've ever dreamed of going to Italy. You can’t see me waving frantically, but I am and I have a feeling most of us are. Don’t pass out if I tell you that you could make that road trip happen on a motorcycle. A motorcycle that has Italian written all over, with a design that screams “strada”. Get it? Friends, meet the Ducati Dream Tour.

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The Ducati Dream Tour is your all-inclusive, four-day pass to the road trip of your dreams. It winds through central Italy with Dakar Rally veteran Beppe Gualini and his team as your tour guides. For your bike, you can choose any model from Ducati's 2018 lineup, which gives you the ability to precisely tailor your riding experience. (We're not sure if that includes the bonkers V4 Panigale, but we wouldn't hold our breath -Ed.)

A fine selection of fiery, passionate Italian iron.

The first day of your long weekend will be spent at the Autodromo di Modena where you'll perfect your skills and get acquainted with your Ducati. Picture it, a day on the track straddling the Ducati you’ve always fantasized about, honing your skills with a team of seasoned riders, making laps in a safe and controlled environment. That’s only day one!

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The other three days take you out on the Italian roads where you'll explore Motorvalley and the Tuscan hills. The package also includes a visit to the Ducati factory and museum, three nights accommodation, meals, the motorcycle rental, gas, and the services of the tour leader and his team. If you don’t want to have to worry about fitting your full gear in a suitcase, you can also rent the equipment you need from Ducati piece by piece or the full getup for $178 (149€).

Riding the rolling Tuscan hills.

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The Ducati Dream Tour program will relieve you of close to $4,000, and unfortunately your flight to Milan and trip from the airport down to Modena aren't included. Living the dream comes at a cost! It's worth it though. I mean, come on… It's Italy on a Ducati.


Photos courtesy of Ducati

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