Paramount Pictures just released the official trailer for the upcoming installment in the Mission: Impossible franchise; Fallout—something about a CIA mission that requires a lot of running around and fighting, and Alec Baldwin and Ving Rhames are there—and it appears the long-running product placement deal with BMW will continue and quite of few two and four-wheeled Beemers will be getting some screen time in the new 2018 flick. Despite the trailer being only two-and-a-half minutes, we spy at least three different motorcycles from BMW Motorrad.

The exhaust, wheels, seat, and forks make it clear this R nineT is the Scrambler model

In a few shots in the new trailer we can see Tom Cruise presumably being chased or chasing somebody on an R nineT Scrambler that's been left stock, aside from some bar-end mirrors and a fender eliminator. At one point there’s a quick cut where he see a late-‘90s Peugeot pull in front of Cruise, sending him tumbling over the hood of the car and rolling across the ground. Another shot shows a few mid-2000s R 1200 RT cop bikes as well. At one point Tom Cruise is driving a BMW 5 Series (E28) and runs down someone on what looks like an F800GS, (or some other GS model) though it's a very brief shot. Honestly, Rogue Nation’s motorcycle scene with the S1000RRs would be hard to outdo, and it doesn’t look like they really tried to in the sixth Mission: Impossible installment, but it’s still cool to see motorcycles get some time on the big screen and across televisions and computer screens in the trailer.

Looks like some kind of BMW GS machine to me, what thinks you? (Also, is that a BMW scooter in the background of this shot?)

While I imagine most audiences will be paying more attention to the action in general and probably not scrutinizingly focusing on the motorcycles, it’s nonetheless good to see bikes get put in front of millions of people. After all, motorcycles are cool, and sometimes folks just need to be reminded of that. Unfortunately I don’t think the whole crashing into a car and rolling over the hood thing (sans helmet) is gonna help convince too many movie-goers to take up riding, but hey, what’re you gonna do?


Mission: Impossible - Fallout rolls into theaters on July 27, 2018.

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