I did a lot at this year's Circuit of the Americas round of MotoGP. I interviewed Red Bull KTM's chief engineer, talked to both Pedro Acosta ahead of his podium and Jack Miller, and got all nerdy with Brembo about the brand's braking systems. 

I also reminisced about my relationship with the track

But I also knew my limitations as a photographer. I'm an OK shutterbug, but when you have friends and colleagues like my bud Sam Bendall, someone who's contributed to this very site multiple times, you let him loose with the sole direction of "Capture shit." And capture he did, which is why I put together this photo journal he snapped of the race. 

Hopefully, you enjoy all the work and walking he put into this, cause he probably lost a few pounds from the heat. I could make a joke that he needs to, but I'll save that for our private texts. 

Check out Sam's photos below. 

bendalltherules_AUSTIN MOTOGP2024_GradedWebRes102_XH2S3338
bendalltherules_AUSTIN MOTOGP2024_GradedWebRes60_XH2S0765
bendalltherules_AUSTIN MOTOGP2024_GradedWebRes34_XH2S8558
bendalltherules_AUSTIN MOTOGP2024_GradedWebRes40_XH2S9188
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bendalltherules_AUSTIN MOTOGP2024_GradedWebRes118_XH2S3918
bendalltherules_AUSTIN MOTOGP2024_GradedWebRes23_XH2S7742
bendalltherules_AUSTIN MOTOGP2024_GradedWebRes6_XH2S3977

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