Triumph Motorcycles introduced its newest, hottest thing on April 15, 2021, and it’s not a motorcycle. It’s called Triumph SOS, and it’s the company’s new accident detection and emergency alerting system. Best of all, the smartphone app, which is available today on both Android and iOS devices, will work for any motorcyclist on any bike in the countries covered—provided you have signal, of course.  

How it works is pretty straightforward. The app monitors your phone’s GPS location, as you might expect. It also keeps tabs on your direction of travel, although Triumph specifically states that it neither records nor sends your speed or telematics. If it detects a crash, Triumph SOS then relays this information directly to emergency responders in your area, so they can get help to you as soon as is humanly possible. Everything is hosted via Google Cloud, and information is transmitted within seconds of detected crashes.  

Instead of relying on a third party to alert emergency services to your situation, and playing a literal game of “telephone” with the details, emergency services can get the details straight from your phone. This greatly simplifies getting vital info to emergency responders, so they can get help to crashed riders more quickly. 

A failsafe auto-pause system is built into Triumph SOS, in order to prevent accidental triggering, which is good for both riders and emergency services. After all, no one wants the hassle of false alarms, right? While it won’t work if you don’t have phone signal, it’s still a pretty useful tool for all the places that you do. 

As of April 15, 2021, Triumph SOS is currently active in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, the U.K., and New Zealand. If you’re a Triumph owner, it’s free for the first three months (you’ll have to enter your VIN when you register). While it’s a monthly subscription service and is not free otherwise, the great news is that there are no contracts and no cancellation fees. So, if you’re a seasonal rider, you can activate it during the months you’re out riding, and shut it off over the winter with no worries.  

In the U.S., the monthly fee is currently $4.99. In Canada, it’s $5.99. In other markets, you’ll need to check local pricing, but an early look at the rates showed them to be fairly similar across markets. It seems like a pretty small price to pay for that kind of peace of mind. 

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