Royal Enfield first teamed up with motorcycle armor maker Knox in 2019 to outfit some of its motorcycle apparel with strong, light, comfortable armor. Together, the companies have put together gloves and garments to outfit Royal Enfield fans with safe, stylish motorcycle gear that fits their aesthetic. However, they didn’t want to stop there.  

In India, Royal Enfield says, riding pants just aren’t much of a thing. If riders want to have their knees and shins protected while riding, that meant that Enfield and Knox had to go about things a little differently. That’s when they came up with the Conqueror Knee Guard, which is a standalone pair of knee guards you can easily wear over your favorite jeans or any trousers you like.  

Conqueror Kneeguards come standard with CE level 2 impact protection, and are tough, durable, flexible, and above all, comfortable. There’s a hard outer shell to protect against impacts, with a honeycomb structure and Knox Microlock technology inside for added energy absorption. Elasticated straps use Velcro closures. 

Knox put these kneeguards through rigorous testing, both inside a lab and outside, on multiple types of bikes and with riders doing multiple types of riding. The resulting product is meant to accompany riders on any type of journey, whether it’s a simple commute to or from work, or a fun ride off the beaten path.  

The Conqueror Kneeguard is currently only available in India, and you can purchase it directly from the Royal Enfield website at a cost of ₹3,990 (or about $55). They only come in black, which appears from the photos to also have some red contrasting outlines. One size is sold to fit all riders, and as of March 25, 2021, these are listed as currently being in stock on Enfield’s website. 

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