While it’s true that no motorcycle manufacturer is perfect, most have their moments. For its part, Honda has had more than a few of those moments. Whether you’re interested in technical excellence or the strange and quirky, the house that Soichiro built came up with a lot over the years. 

Even better, Honda assembled this official Honda Collection Hall playlist on YouTube that showcases a bunch of motorcycles from the company’s long history. These aren’t annoying static slideshows with a lame music bed, though. Instead, they’re dynamic videos showing the bikes running and moving. Even better, it’s also clearly someone’s job to keep updating this playlist. There are currently 220 different Honda bike videos included at the time of writing, and it was last updated on April 29, 2020. If you’re smashing that subscribe button already, we can’t blame you. 

This is an up-close, personal look at each individual bike in the Honda Collection Hall. You get a walkaround with captioning in both Japanese and English that tells you a bit more about the bike. The engine is running and revving, so you get to hear it while the bike is stationary. Then you get to see a rider take that bike out for a lap around the grounds. More importantly, you get to HEAR a rider do that lap. You see, whoever determined the format for these videos obviously enjoys bikes as much as we do. Thanks, Honda! 

Where to begin? That’s a tough call, as you have 220 choices here. We’ll start with the NC35, though, since we were just talking about one.  


Next, we’ll hop on over to a 1988 Africa Twin, which also happens to be Sabrina’s affordable classic dream bike. I’ll just note here that the rider keeps the Africa Twin on the paved road around the grounds, and doesn’t venture off into the forested area. Which is kind of a shame, but I mean, it is a museum of sorts, so it’s also understandable. 


As you might guess, you’ll also find Honda bikes that never made it to our shores. While the NC35 didn’t officially make it here either, there are plenty of bikes that haven’t achieved such cult desirability among enthusiasts. Things like this 1982 Motra, which, to my disappointment, has zero to do with Mothra and everything to do with “Motorcycle Truck,” according to Big Red. It puts me in mind a bit of a Rokon. 


Last but not least on this whirlwind tour, there’s the 1982 MotocompoFor those unfamiliar, this tiny, foldable last-mile transportation solution could fit in the trunk of your car. Now, it fits in the spaces of your mind, and also very neatly inside this YouTube playlist.  

Anyway, if you need us, we’ll be busy making our way through this playlist in our spare time. We hope you’ll join us at the virtual Honda Collection Hall, because it’s pretty great. What’s your favorite Honda, and is there a video of it in this list?  

Source: YouTube 

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