The singular off-road niche that Rokon carved for itself back in the day is impressive—and this no-reserve 1970 Rokon Trail-Breaker up for auction now at Bring A Trailer amply demonstrates why.

Previously owned by vehicle enthusiast and collector Dr. Forrest Bird, who apparently also invented the modern medical ventilator, someone bought it from Bird’s estate in 2017 and subsequently refurbished it. 

As you might imagine when a company has been making and improving the same vehicle over several decades, different Trail-Breakers have used different engines. This particular 2WD powerhouse is powered by a Chrysler Power Bee 136cc engine.

Gallery: 1970 Rokon Trail-Breaker

Originally, it was meant to be started up using a pull-start, which seller Cascadia is including if you win this auction. However, the seller also notes in the video above that it’s far easier to simply start it using a DeWalt drill that is also included with sale, just for starting purposes. 

There’s a lot to love about this vintage Trail-Breaker, apart from the obvious fact that it looks fun as hell to ride. My personal favorite part of this auction listing reads, “Factory-equipped 15″ hollow aluminum wheels allow the bike to float and be transported across water. The hollow wheels can also be used to house extra fuel or even drinking water for long excursions. According to Rokon, the bikes could climb a 60% grade due to the pushing and pulling effects of the driven front and rear wheels.”

Who does that? Rokon, apparently. The previous owner rebuilt the carburetor, installed new bearings and seals, and gave both the engine and transmission a good going-over. However, any potential buyers should be aware that the previous owner did not provide records of any of this work to the seller—so you won’t receive those with your purchase.

The seller sold another of these with no reserve earlier in October on BaT, and it went for $6,600. This one, located in Portland, Oregon, is currently at $2,000. It has just over three days left in the auction, so you’d best bid while the bidding’s good if you need it. 

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