Do you remember the complete bonkersness that was the Dodge Tomahawk concept? It’s been 17 years since that particular V10-powered, motorcycle-shaped fever dream was introduced at the 2003 Detroit Auto Show. Now, at long last, you can own one of your very own! 

Sadly, it doesn’t have a Viper engine, nor indeed any other V10. In fact, it’s powered by a 150cc single-cylinder engine. As you might have guessed from that particular tidbit, it’s also much tinier than the original Tomahawk, and it’s also not made by Dodge. 

No, friends, in the grand tradition of every cheap, ridiculous bike you can buy on Amazon, this is a cheap, ridiculous bike you can buy via Amazon’s Chinese cousin, Alibaba! It’s made in the Chinese motorcycle manufacturing hub of Zhejiang, China, by the Trumki Company.  

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It’s powered by a four-stroke 150cc single-cylinder engine, is chain-driven, and has a CVT with a reverse gear. Disc brakes of unknown specification stop you all around, and you get mono shocks doing suspension work front and rear. You also get tiny little 12-inch wheels, so your tire fitment options will likely be limited. There’s some good news, though: despite its visual heft, this mini-beast only weighs 135 kilograms, or 298 pounds!  It’also available in just about any color you like, including various shades of camo and metallic finishes 

This particular listing seems to be aimed more toward commercial buyers than individuals. If you want to buy anywhere from one to nine of these bad boys, they’ll cost you US $1,029 apiece, plus shipping. However, if you buy more, you also save more! Buy 10 to 19 units and they’ll run you $970 apiece, but if you up your purchase to 20 or more baby Tomahawk replicas, they’ll cost you just $820 apiece. Truly a steal for someone, even if you’re not sure for whom.  

Alas, shipping if you just want one of these is where your true pain lies. It’s a whopping $3,276.28 as I write this. Presumably if you were located close enough to just pick your baby Tomahawk replica up at the factory, you could get three whole additional bikes for the cost of shipping just one to the U.S.! 

If you want to check it out for yourself, the listing is hereWill it grow up to be a full-size Dodge Tomahawk one day? Probably not, but if you happen to run into one of those wish-granting genies, maybe you could ask. 

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