There’s a special level of affection reserved for ‘70s Honda motorcycles. When you see a good example that’s still running well, just living its life nearly 50 years on—there’s a certain cheerful resoluteness about it. It’s not a world-beater, it’s not a massive piece of posturing. It’s just a good, honest bike going about its daily business and looking awfully good while doing it. If you’re inclined to agree, then you’re going to love this 1972 CL350 Scrambler. 

Naturally, you might have some concerns about what’s going on inside a bike of this vintage. The current seller is a dealer, and this bike allegedly only had two owners prior to ending up in this dealer’s hands. Plenty of maintenance has recently been performed, leaving you with the running bike you see in the walkaround and startup video here. The bike currently has 10,000 miles on the clock. 

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Previous owner replaced the head gasket, piston rings, valve stem seals, and also did valve lapping. New battery, a modern regulator/rectifier unit, and Avon Roadmaster tires were also recently installed. Needed adjustments to valves, ignition points, and the carburetor mixture were also performed by the selling dealer, who also installed a new drive chain

Other recent installations include a new right switch assembly, new clutch, brake, and throttle cables, and a new chrome headlight bucket. This CL comes with aftermarket lowered handlebars, and the saddle is mostly in good shape except for some minor lower right-side damage that’s amply illustrated in the video and photos. Side covers came from a CB 350, but fit well on this CL. It also comes with a tool kit (!) and the owner’s manual if you win this auction. 

Pre-load is adjustable on the rear shock, but no word is given on any recent suspension maintenance in this listing for either the shock or the conventional front forks. It stops via drum brakes, front and rear. However, there’s no mention made of any recent brake-related servicing, other than installation of that new brake cable.

If you’re interested, it’s located in Menasha, Wisconsin, where the weather is finally starting to thaw. The auction ends on March 13, 2020, and bidding at the time of writing is currently up to $1,555. The selling dealer is happy to ship this bike anywhere you need if you win.

Source: Bring A Trailer

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