The old saying is “there are no stupid questions,” and here at RideApart, we believe that’s true. The only stupid question is the one you don’t ask. We’ve delved deep into Quora to find the internet’s most pressing motorcycle queries to lend our expertise. Now that we’ve cleaned ourselves off a bit, it’s time to drop some knowledge.

Can Harley-Davidson Motorcycles do 70MPH?

Absolutely! All these hotshots on their Kawazuki 9000s like to brag about how fast they go, but they don’t know what they’re talking about. Real engines are measured in inches, not centimeters. Who went to the moon? America, that’s right. Sure, some of the early Harley-Davidsons may have had some issues, but any bike rolling out of the factory these days can crack an easy 150 to 200 mph. If any cop ever tries to give you some grief, tell him some freedom must have gotten caught in your throttle. He’ll be weeping so much he’ll have to let you go. What were we talking about?

Can you use a bicycle helmet for a motorcycle?

No, because you'll look like a total dork.

Can you add a turbocharger to a moped?

Yes, and you absolutely should! Mopeds are all about practicality and fuel efficiency. These days all the auto manufacturers are adding turbos to their cars to allow them to meet fuel efficiency standards. So vis-à-vis the transitive property, a turbocharged moped would be the most fuel efficient vehicle in the world. In fact, it might actually start generating its own fuel when off-throttle, so make sure you keep a container handy to catch any excess overflow.

What is the RPM thing next to my speedometer?

RPM is actually an acronym. It stands for Rap Meter, and it tells you exactly how dope your rhymes are. It will be difficult for the Rap Meter to hear you over the wind at highway speeds, so we recommend some sort of Bluetooth communicator. Most people don’t know, but motorcycles and hip hop have a long and lurid history. Rock and/or roll has a much broader presence in the bike scene, but you’re never going to get your Rap Meter into the red with some AC/DC. Ruff Ryder’s Anthem by DMX is what I always use to make sure the RPM is properly calibrated.

If you hit a deer with your motorcycle doing 50 miles an hour, what happens?

This one is a bit of a complicated question. If you hit the deer square on, you could crash. The trick is to do a big wheelie and get the front wheel as far off the ground as possible. Hopefully, the drive chain will act like a chainsaw and slice cleanly through the deer, allowing you to ride through safely. Obviously, this only applies to chain-driven motorcycles. For belt or shaft-driven motorcycles, we recommend not hitting deer whenever possible.

So there you have it, friends. Some advice from us to you regarding the most pressing motorcycle-related questions of the day. Hopefully, you've found this helpful. Happy motoring!

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