Who doesn't like an easier way to get something done? In the vein of "work smarter, not harder," YouTuber Chaos Causes actually reduces the amount of chaos in your life with these ten tips to make your motorcycling life just a little bit easier.

Although there are ten tips, one of them is actually for your spouse, significant other, roommate, or anyone else you live with who doesn't appreciate your greasy footprints on the floor after you've been working on your bike. In the absence of that special cleaner, whatever it is, that you can never seem to find when you need it, simple oven cleaner will take care of those grease spots just as well.

Got a sticky lock? Instead of forcing it and bending or breaking your key, all you need to do is shave a bit of lead off a pencil into it. Today's "lead" is actually graphite, which is an excellent dry lubricant that will get your lock working as good as new. Skip solutions like WD-40. Those will work in the short term but cause more problems down the road.

Do you run out of fingers and hands while juggling your ticket when entering a parking garage? If you have a flap over your fuel tank lock just stick it in there. That leaves your appendages free to control the bike, blip the throttle because your bike sounds amazing in a parking garage, and take advantage of the polished low-traction surface to engage in shenanigans. Not that I'd ever do any of that, of course.

For more tips like these, watch the entire video. There's some great stuff in there. Do you have any tips or tricks that aren't included here? Post them in the comments.

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