Are you a mad Suzuki Katana fan? Suzuki Australia has begun to offer their limited-edition Katana helmets to the public. The company apparently has a surplus of the helmets which were offered to customers who pre-ordered their Suzuki Katana before September 8, 2019. At the time of writing, that deadline hasn’t passed, so you can still buy your Katana and your Katana helmet in one package if you live in Australia.

Here in North America, the only way to get the helmet is to order it through the Suzuki Australia merchandise website and somehow have it shipped to you. Aside from the graphics, the helmet is the same as the Signet-X helmet available in North America. It’s called the QV-Pro in global markets, and is Arai’s street-focused, mid-level helmet. It is available with a suite of accessories including tinted visor peaks, and is designed to accept speaker pads from bike-to-bike communication systems.

The Katana itself is Suzuki’s newest sport bike and aims to cash in on the nostalgic lust the original Katana inspires among bike enthusiasts and collectors. It is based heavily on the GSX-S1000, with new, period-inspired bodywork. The 999 cc inline four is good for about 147 horsepower and 80 pound feet of torque in a modest 474 lb chassis. The Katana will arrive in the US as a 2020 model year bike.

Suzuki devotees have been anxious for the new Katana, and it’s a wise move on the part of Suzuki merchandisers to cash in on that instant fandom. For keen shoppers, the special edition Katana helmet retails for $AU995 ($US675).

Specs: Arai QV-Pro Suzuki Katana Helmet

  •       PB-CLC outer shell in multiple sizes
    ·       Optimized FFS (Free Flow System) ventilation
    ·       VAS (Variable Axis System) visor
    ·       PinLock ready visor
    ·       PinLock insert included
    ·       Shield latch visor lock system
    ·       Antimicrobial liner material
    ·       Replaceable, washable interior
    ·       5mm “Peel Away” ear cups, cheek pads and temple pad
    ·       Speaker pockets
    ·       Breath guard and chin curtain included
    ·       ERS (Emergency Release System)
    ·       Double D ring closure
    ·       ECE 22.05 approved
    ·       Penetration tested
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