When you’re looking for a new full-face helmet, there’s virtually no limit to the number of colors, finishes, and graphics to choose from. Even if you just limit all those choices to race replica lids modeled after your favorite professional racers, that wall of Rossi designs that takes up any AGV/Dainese display you encounter doesn’t exactly make it easy. 

Good helmet fit is less subjective than good helmet graphics. These are just a few of the 2019 race-inspired designs you can plunk down your money and buy today, should you so choose. You may love or hate any or even all of them, and that’s totally cool. 

There’s just one more thing you should keep in mind before making any big helmet purchase decisions, though. Many helmet manufacturers that sell worldwide specifically state that their warranties only cover a helmet you purchase in your territory. 

In other words, if you see a cool race-inspired design that’s only sold in the UK, but you order it from the US, that warranty may not apply because of varying safety standards between regions. Check individual manufacturer policies before you place your order, just to be safe.

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