If you are even remotely familiar with motorsports, the name of Marc Marquez is likely to ring a bell. The 26-year-old has been taking the MotoGP scene by storm. In the span of his six-year MotoGP career, he has won no less than five championships. Just like his colleague Valentino Rossi gets special AGV helmets designed for certain events, Marquez also gets special lids prepared. In time for the 2019 Motegi race coming in August, Shoei has now launched a new X-Spirit III helmet with Marquez’ 2018 Motegi design. 

The gorgeous blue and gold matte aplique is complete with a stylized battle between good and evil imagery, represented by what looks like a samurai and a demon, fighting on each side of the helmet. At the back, the famous Maneki-neko cat figure meant to bring luck. Crowning the head, a golden ant—Marquez’ nickname on the circuit, tiny but mighty. 

The graphics have been applied to Shoei’s X-Spirit III helmet, known as the X-Fourteen in North America. The X is the brand’s flagship, premium racing model. It ranks at the top of the lineup and includes a number of features including a six-ply fiber shell and adjustable pads that can be moved inside the lid to adapt to the rider’s head.

Gallery: Shoei Marquez Motegi 3 TC-2

The shell itself features six air ducts on the chin, forehead, and top of the head to maximize the airflow. The spoilers and air curtains also contribute to the helmet’s aerodynamics to reduce the resistance which have an impact on the rider’s performance. 

The new Shoei Marquez Motegi 3 TC-2 inspired by the 2018 Motegi race will be available this fall and pricing for this specific livery has been set at $889.99. Let the way of the track warrior flow through you (or your head, mostly). 

Source: SHOEI

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