If you’re into classic sportbikes, chances are good that you’re already familiar with Iconic Motorbikes in Marina Del Rey, California. Maybe you’ve seen their bikes for sale, or perhaps you’ve simply ogled whatever it is they’re currently working on through their Instagram. You may even have found them in a mad search for particularly elusive parts, like fairings for your 1989-1990 Yamaha FZR1000, or Marchesini magnesium race wheels for your Suzuki TL1000R (that also fit several GSX-Rs as well). 

Friends, if this is your favorite motorcycle flavor, the Internet has simultaneously become both a little safer and a little more dangerous for you. Now, in addition to selling some beautiful examples of the kind of bikes I wish my garage was filled with, Iconic Motorbikes has just started doing auctions. If you need a moment to go freeze your credit card in a block of ice and lock it safely in your freezer, go ahead. I’ll wait.

Gallery: Iconic Motorbikes Auctions

Maybe you trawl Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace daily, but you’re sick of flakes.  Maybe you’ve been hitting eBay Motors hard and felt the same way, only with auctions. Whether you’re a buyer or seller of these type of bikes, having someone to facilitate these auctions who both knows and cares about them like you do can only be a good thing. 

Iconic’s new auction service list is extremely comprehensive. It includes service on the bike, finding those hard-to-find parts you need, transportation, storage, documentation, payment, valuation, and even actually getting photos and listings together. If you’re a prospective buyer, Iconic also offers a confirmation service to get eyes on any given bike if you’re too far away to take a close look before you buy. 

Those are just the services actually listed on their website. According to Iconic, they’ll be happy to consider other services if you need them—all you have to do is ask. If you’ve been waiting for an expert motorbike auction service to take up residence on the internet, it’s finally here. 

Before anyone asks, I have absolutely nothing to do with Iconic Motorbikes other than having followed them on Instagram for ages. They post great stuff, and even if you aren’t looking to buy anything right now, you should follow them and dream big dreams, too. 

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