The inaugural Suzuka 8 Hours Auction began Sunday, July 27, 2019 and ran through Thursday, August 1. As we previously mentioned, although the overall quantity of bikes on auction was low, the amazing nature of each rare, gem-like bike up for sale was obvious. 

The 1982 Honda RS1000 Racer fetched an impressive ¥9,632,000, or around $88,758USD. That, in and of itself, isn’t surprising—the predicted estimate by BH Auctions prior to sale was ¥10,000,000 (around $92,180 USD) and the final amount was only slightly below that. 

Gallery: 1982 Honda RS1000 Racer

What is slightly surprising is that of the beautiful bikes on offer at this auction, only five sold. That means 12 are still listed as available for sale on the BH Auction Suzuka 8 Hours website. 

According to Japanese Nostalgic Car, many of the other bikes did not meet reserve or were otherwise no-sales, and speculation is that the low sales numbers could be due to a storm keeping attendance down. 

Here are the bikes that sold, with their amounts:

  1. 1982 Honda RS1000 Racer, sold for ¥9,632,000 (about $88,758 USD)
  2. 1983 Honda CB1100RD / SC08, sold for ¥2,240,000 (about $20,650 USD)
  3. 1970 Honda Dream CB750Four / K0, sold for ¥1,344,000 (about $12,384 USD)
  4. 1973 Kawasaki 750SS Mach H2A / H2F, sold for ¥1,232,000 (about $11,355 USD)
  5. 1988 Minolta Suzuki GSX-R750R “TT-F1 Racer”, sold for an undisclosed amount after auction. 

Additionally, the 1988 Ducati 851 Racing (851 Kit) does not say it is still for sale, but appears to still be showing the predicted estimate of ¥6,000,000 - ¥7,200,000. 

The remaining 12 bikes that did not sell at auction and are still listed for sale are as follows:

  • 1984 Ducati 900MHR
  • 1995 Honda RVF750R / RC45
  • Benelli 900 SEI “Classic Racer”
  • 1982 Honda CB1100RC / SC08
  • 2009 MV Agusta Brutale 1078RR
  • 2006 Ducati Sport 1000
  • 2018 Kagayama Katana-R 1000
  • 1981 Honda CB1100R /SC05 (RB)
  • 1994 Goodman HDS1200
  • 1995 Honda RVF750R / RC45
  • 1964 Honda Dream Super Sports CYB72
  • Velocette Mac350

So, if you’re looking for a Ducati 900MHR, a Benelli 900 SEI, that unbelievable Kagayama Katana-R 1000, or either of two(!) Honda RC45s to complete your collection, and you just couldn’t make it to Suzuka in time, now is the moment to reach out to BH Auction to make arrangements. 

Sources: BH Auction, Japanese Nostalgic Car

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