I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Kenn Blanchard for some Q&A about his current passion, Motorcycle Radio. Kenn hosts the podcast talking about anything and everything to do with motorcycles. There are interviews with riders, tech questions, events, and whatever else comes to Kenn’s mind popping up in his broadcasts. His website and library of current podcasts can be found here Motorcycle Radio.

WC: First, and possibly most importantly, what do you currently ride?

KB: I ride a 2005 HD FLT I bought new. The bike only has 5000 miles on it this year but I plan to change that. I did a lot of traveling and a lot of work that kept me from enjoying it until now.

Interview: Motorcycle Radio host Kenn Blanchard

WC: Tell us a little about how you have spent your life leading up to Motorcycle Radio.

KB: After the Marine Corps, I worked for twenty plus years in the CIA. I started off as a security guard, firearms instructor, then a protective agent, then transferred into intelligence analyst. Doing a little of this and that to protect our country. In my off time, I became a husband, father, Christian minister and national gun rights activist known as the Black Man With A Gun. I wrote my first book in 2000 and have had an online presence ever since. I have traveled around the country, speaking at rallies and in legislative houses to inspire folks to change gun laws in VA, MI, SC, TX, WI and MD.


WC: Looking at everything you had done previously, why did you choose motorcycles as your next challenge?

KB: After the recent release of a revised edition of my book, Black Man With A Gun: Reloaded, I decided to turn to a passion I haven't spoke about and see if I could get any traction with it. Motorcycles. I love motorcyclists. I love how we talk. I love or quirks for certain types of riders and bikes. I can't turn a wrench without messing up something but I love hearing and seeing the people that can do their thing. I hoped that if I took what I have learned as a writer, blogger and podcaster then maybe I could make a podcast that was better than what is already out there and in fact be "The Leader."

I started the show in May and tested the waters using Blogspot at first and then jumping in the water with the full domain name and url. The response was excellent. It fueled my enthusiasm. I couldn't wait to put together content. I went to bed thinking about how the blog should look and what it should sound like.  This all came when I didn't have a lot of money but did have experience in social media. The growth has been steady and the response great. My audience is defining where I go.  I love talking to experts and experienced riders. I love talking tech because I get to learn and share stuff. I chose this subject because if I were independently wealthy I would buy a big warehouse and sell used bikes, and do whatever to make my shop a pit stop for clubs and individuals that loved riding. This podcast and blog is that without the brick and motor or the fortune. I want to be like "Don Cornelius" was with Soul Train, or "Dick Clark" with American Bandstand. The guy that brings you the best, knows the best and shares it best. Right now the show is available on (iTunes ) and (Stitcher Radio).

WC: What is the plan for Motorcycle Radio, where do you see yourself in five years?

KB: In five years, I'd like to be a leading blog and podcast in this space with sponsors with a TV-like presence online.  I'd like to be at shows, and travel around the country with this as my full time job.

WC: What is the biggest message you want to share?

KB: The biggest message I would like to share is - help me build this and you won't regret it. I want this to be for us by us. I plan to infuse my positive messages, enthusiasm and encouragement in this for all that listen. Stay Up!

I have listened to a few podcasts, and as stated on his welcome page, it won’t be for everyone. Kenn says it best when he states, “I put the “M” in mellow.” I like the approach and it’s certainly better than being bombarded with loud, obnoxious, attitude no off button.

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