Let’s face it, with the COVID-19 crisis ongoing, lots of us haven’t been able to take full advantage of the riding season. Yeah sure, we get to take our bikes on solo trips, or quick runs to the grocery, but I doubt we’ll be going on any epic rides with our mates anytime soon. Not to fret, just because we can’t hop aboard our trusty steeds for countless miles on end, doesn’t mean we can’t keep ourselves busy with motorcycle related stuff. In fact, I’ve got something here that’ll maybe give you new riders out there some pointers on an all too often forgotten aspect of riding motorcycles: cleaning your helmet. 

Nothing beats the feeling of wearing a freshly cleaned helmet. It smells nice, feels awesome, and definitely looks great. I have quite a few lids myself, and make sure to give each of them a nice and thorough wash after about every five rides. It just so happened that one of my favorite daily helmets is due for a wash. Here's a quick how-to where I show you guys how I do it. 

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