We’re turning our reader’s questions over to RideApart readers. This week: retro roadsters. Which bike is better the Triumph Bonneville or Moto Guzzi V7?

This question comes from reader Levon, who writes: "Hi, I'm looking to buy a bike soon. I'm really into the retro cruisers. I just want a bike I can take out on the weekends and hit the open road or PCH in San Diego. Maybe take on a road trip once in a while camping within a couple hours' ride. I want it to be fun, comfortable, and exuding retro cool.

"This will be my first street bike, but I grew up racing motocross. I'm torn between the Triumph Thruxton and the Moto Guzzi V7 Stone. I'm not a fan of the Thruxton's direct competition, the Moto Guzzi Racer since it's too flashy for me. It seems the Thruxton has the V7 in power and after market options. The Moto Guzzi v7 has uniqueness (I see Triumphs almost daily, but have yet to see a Guzzi v7), character, and that giant tank. Guzzi is also less expensive. What do you recommend for me?"


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