When you say the word "handlebar" to different riders, it means different things. Depending on what you ride, you might picture a tubular piece of steel in a certain shape and diameter, of course.

But what if you have clip-ons, and there's nothing but the big, thick, angular top of a triple clamp to which they're attached? Or what if you ride a modern twist-and-go scooter, and it has plastic body cladding obscuring the metal handlebar part underneath? 

In both of these cases, you suddenly have a lot less real estate to work with if you want to mount any useful instruments up front to aid in your travels. All modern conveniences might include things like an action camera, a dedicated GPS unit, or, at the very least, your smartphone of choice, which you might want for navigation and music (if not actual phone use). 

But you know what bikes of all types usually have that won't be affected by what kind of handlebar situation you have? A brake reservoir. And if yours is the very common rectangular type, then situations like these are exactly why Quad Lock introduced its dedicated Brake Reservoir Mount. 

There's just one problem. It doesn't come standard with a vibration dampener. 

Quad Lock Brake Reservoir Mount with Vibration Dampener - Review

Quad Lock Brake Reservoir Mount with Vibration Dampener - Photos by Joseph C. Lucente.

The Quad Lock Brake Reservoir Phone Mount Kit

It's a tidy, simple bit of kit, as you can see in these photos where I have it installed on a 2006 Suzuki Burgman 400 maxi scooter. The mount affixes to the top of your rectangular brake reservoir (the Burgman has two front brake levers, with one being a linked brake, which is why you're seeing it mounted on the left handlebar), and the holes line up with the existing screw holes in the top of the reservoir cap. 

For those unfamiliar with how Quad Lock's mounting system works, you'll also need to have the correct Quad Lock case installed on your smartphone. While the company offers cases for a number of the most popular smartphones, it doesn't offer cases for every single smartphone that's currently on the market. If you have a Samsung Galaxy (as I used to) or an iPhone, you'll have no problem.

But some other phones might be more difficult. There are universal mounts available from Quad Lock, but if you're nervous about the reliability of universal-fit anything and your smartphone that you probably spent a fair bit of money on, then it's something to consider before you make the choice to go with this mounting system. As just one example, my current OnePlus 12 doesn't currently have a dedicated Quad Lock case available.

Quad Lock Brake Reservoir Mount with Vibration Dampener - Review

Quad Lock Brake Reservoir Mount with Vibration Dampener - Photo by Joseph C. Lucente.

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Installation is simple, and the provided instructions are straightforward. If you have some basic screwdrivers and can read (or at least follow visual diagrams), you'll probably be fine.

Once the mount is installed, and the case is installed on your phone, it's a simple matter to lock it into place on the mount. And after you hear the click that lets you know it's securely where it needs to be on the mount, your phone isn't going anywhere (that is, as long as you installed the case correctly on your phone). I rode many miles with my phone on this mount, and had zero issues with its security or accessibility. 

On my old Galaxy, I did have a tempered glass screen protector installed. I'll note here that the Quad Lock phone case was so tight that it cracked the edge of my tempered glass screen protector. So, if you have something similar on your phone, you may want to be extra careful if you choose to use a Quad Lock phone case.

And here's where I need to mention the big issue, though it's up to you whether this bothers you or not.

Quad Lock's Vibration Dampener Is Only Sold As An Additional Accessory

Quad Lock Vibration Dampener Installation Diagram

Quad Lock Vibration Dampener Installation Diagram

If you've had both a smartphone and a motorcycle for any length of time, or you've been close with someone who has, then chances are that you've already encountered stories about people who had bad experiences with motorcycle vibrations and their precious phones. More specifically, with the sensors on their phone cameras potentially getting damaged.

And, I mean, no one wants that. No one. We want navigation, and we want our music, and maybe some of us even want the ability to take a phone call using our Bluetooth comms systems (shudder). But at what cost?

That's why some companies that make phone mounts for motorcycles now offer vibration dampeners, in the hopes of allaying unwanted damage. Which is great, as far as it goes.

Quad Lock Brake Reservoir Mount with Vibration Dampener - Review

Quad Lock Brake Reservoir Mount with Vibration Dampener - Photo by Joseph C. Lucente.

Quad Lock Brake Reservoir Mount with Vibration Dampener - Review

Quad Lock Brake Reservoir Mount with Vibration Dampener - Photo by Joseph C. Lucente.

If you choose one of Quad Lock's handy motorcycle mount kits on its website, you have the option to add a Vibration Dampener to your chosen mounting kit to fit your phone, but it'll cost you an extra US $20 to do so. Depending on where you're located geographically, the price may also vary, since Quad Lock sells worldwide. 

Quad Lock has a reputation for making quality phone mounts, and as far as I can tell from my experience using one, it's well deserved. Price-wise, it's neither the most nor the least expensive phone mounting system out there on the market. By comparison, I don't think their price scheme is unreasonable for what they offer.

But still, I have to ask: Why isn't the vibration dampener included as standard equipment? Is it because enough people might switch phones or mounts within the Quad Lock ecosystem that the company figures riders can just keep using the same Vibration Dampener with their new mounting kit, and thus won't require a new one? 

I guess the real thing I wonder is, if Quad Lock believes that its mounts would benefit from the addition of a Vibration Dampener, then why is it an option at all instead of just being included from the jump?

I get offering it as a separate purchase because, in general, I like having the option to replace individual parts of things if they break instead of having to buy the entire system over again down the line. But I find it difficult to understand why you'd sell an entire mounting kit without it.

If you're interested in entering the Quad Lock ecosystem with either the Brake Reservoir Mount or any of its other various mounting kits for your phone, full kits range from US $55 to $75 (not including the Vibration Dampener or any other optional accessories, such as 1-inch ball mounts or levers in colors other than QL Blue) at the time of writing. Mounting kits are also available on their own (without a phone case) if you already have the appropriate Quad Lock case that fits your phone.

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